Designed specifically for professional use, the GY-DV500U combines the convenience and cost- effectiveness of MiniDV with the professional performance and features you need. Weighing less than 5 kg (11 lbs.) fully loaded, this compact camcorder offers up to 60 minutes of high-quality component digital recording on a MiniDV cassette and incorporates three high-quality 1/2" CCDs to assure superior, high- resolution picture performance. Its 14-bit Digital Signal Processor (DSP) delivers performance found only in high-end cameras. Other pro-level features include a bayonet lens mount and Super Scene Finder (SSF), as well as IEEE 1394 (input and output) and RS-232C interfaces for easy integration in various professional NLE and post-production systems. With its full range of professional features, lightweight design, and high-quality pictures, the GY-DV500U lets you do more, and do it better, expanding your creative potential. It is the ideal acquisition tool for corporate, educational, cable and broadcast productions, as well as wedding videography, multimedia, and more.

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DV recording on a Mini DV tape.

JVC's GY-DV500U brings the convenience and affordability of MiniDV together with the high-quality results you need for professional use. Up to 60 minutes of high-quality component digital images can be recorded on a single MiniDV tape, assuring you the high-quality, non-degradable images you need for top results in post-production editing. Plus, MiniDV tapes are readily available and inexpensive.

Compact, lightweight design

The GY-DV500U packs a lot of performance into a very compact body that weighs only 5 kg (11 lbs.) including typical lens, viewfinder, battery and tape. Yet, despite its compact size, the DV500 offers high-end performance and features, thanks to its advanced digital circuitry.

State-of-the-art 1/2" 3-CCD image pickup

To ensure the best possible image quality, the GY-DV500U incorporates three 1/2" 380,000-pixel CCDs. Each CCD is equipped with highly advanced circuitry that virtually eliminates vertical smear when shooting bright lights in a dark room. Lag and image burn are almost eliminated. An Fl.4 prism optical system designed specifically for 1/2" CCD pickups further contributes to superior picture quality. 1/2-inch CCDs provide images that look far more natural and dynamic than the 1/3-inch CCDs designed for use in consumer cameras. Larger area shooting lenses gather more light, and concentrate the image across more glass for better optical performance and freedom from distortion. The wide range of currently available 1/2-inch lenses means that you can choose the lens configuration that best suits your shooting environment. You may even own a lens compatible with the DV500!

 LOLUX (0.75 lux)
The LOLUX mode increases sensitivity with almost no increase in noise. LOLUX lets you shoot in low light conditions, so you can capture high-quality video footage with excellent color balance at just 0.75 lux illumination, better than what you can see with your eyes. LOLUX

Maximum system flexibility

The GY-DV500U is equipped with an IEEE 1394 (DV) input/output. This allows lossless digital video and audio transfers to or from any DV equipped device such as a non-linear editing system or DV recorder. Basic controls are also available via the DV connector or an RS-232C port, making the GY-DV500U ideal not only for shooting, but also as a spooler/recorder/player in an editing system.

1/2" bayonet lens mount

The GY-DV500U uses a standard professional 1/2" bayonet lens mount with a standard 12-pin connector, allowing it to you use many of the widely available lenses from leading lens manufacturers. JVC offers several high quality lenses from Fujinon and Canon, along with tripod mounted lens controls for certain models.

High-quality PCM digital audio

   To complement its superior DV pictures, the GY-DV500U offers outstanding digital PCM sound. You can choose between two 16-bit 48-kHz channels or two 12-bit 32-kHz channels with a dynamic range of more than 85 dB. Audio levels can be manually controlled with level indicators in the viewfinder.

Viewfinder status display

The viewfinder status display uses characters and rnenus to display selected information in the viewfinder, including various events, camera setting status, recorder operation, and selected setup parameters.

Super Scene Finder

A JVC exclusive, Super Scene Finder lets you log scenes automatically or manually in the field, and mark which scenes are good. This dramatically speeds up the transfer process and saves disk space, because now you can digitize only those scenes which you need for editing. The scene data is written directly onto the MiniDV cassette, eliminating the need for special higher priced cassettes. Up to 134 scenes can be marked per cassette. In addition, scene data from the last 3 cassettes is held in the camcorder's memory, allowing the data to be added to the cassette at a later time.

Full Auto Shooting

The Full Auto Shooting (FAS) mode gives you point-and-shoot ease of operation, letting you concentrate on composing the shot. Pressing the FAS button sets the camera into the Auto Iris mode--even if the lens is set to manual. It also activates the Automatic Video Level Control (ALC), along with Extended Electronic Iris (EEI) and full time auto white balance, which provide both variable gain and variable shutter. You can shoot continuously from a dark area to a bright area (in changing color temperatures) without changing gain, iris, white balance or ND filter. And although FAS is always available with the touch of a button, you are not forced into automation. The DV500 gives you full manual control letting you expand your creative talents as you see fit.


Convenient menu dial

A built-in menu dial serves to quickly and easily navigate through the viewfinder menu, as well as set the shutter speed.

Other features

• Back tally lamp for letting talent behind the camcorder know you are shooting
• Precision "accu-focus" mode for easy, precise lens focus
• Continuous auto black (CAB)
• Automatic level control (ALC) for continuous automatic control of gain
• Back-lit LCD display for VTR menu and status indications
• Tape/battery remaining indicator
• Variable scan view for shooting computer screens
• Sync lock mode for multi-camera shooting
• Black stretch/compress for enhancing or suppressing shadow areas
• Adjustable gamma for adjusting the "feel" of the picture according to taste
• Adjustable detail frequency for setting picture sharpness for a bolder or finer look
• Time code reader/generator
• Advanced color matrix circuit for very accurate color reproduction
• Built-in phantom microphone power