MSRP: $6,100.00
January 13, 1988


Wayne, NJ...JVC Professional Products Company introduces a new series of professional video cameras tailored for the S-VHS and MII environments, with the KY-15U three-CCD camera. The camera was debuted at the 1988 Comtex Show in New Orleans.

Among Electronic News Gathering (ENG) professionals, cameras that utilize solid-state pickup elements are fast becoming the equipment of choice. The technology provides inherent advantages in operability, weight, and size. These cameras also are well suited to camcorder configurations, which are preferred because of their greater ease of use in news-gathering and field production. The KY- 15U embodies all of the advantages of this technology in a package that is extremely versatile and easy to handle.

The KY-15U can be used not only as a self-contained camera, but in a camcorder configuration as well, when combined with JVC's S-VHS portable VCR, the BR-S410U, which has already been released. No adapter is required. With an optional adapter, the camera can also be used with an MII portable.

The KY-15U uses three, 1/2-in. CCDs that provide 360,000 pixels, and a F1.4 prism optical system developed for exclusive use with 1/2-in. CCD solid-state pickup elements. Signal-to-noise ratio is 58 dB and resolution is 500 lines in R,G,B, and Y channels.

The video output is available in several formats: MII component signals (Y, R-Y, and B-Y), S-VHS (separated Y/C signals), composite video, and RGB. The built-in signal generator conforms to the RS- 170A standard. The camera is designed to be compatible with the component video recorders used by broadcasters, through use of a wideband color-difference signal system.

The camera's high-speed electronic shutter provides speeds of 1/250, 1/500, and 1/1000 of a second. A built-in character generator displays status, mode, and warning indications on the viewfinder screen.

While monaural audio is the standard mode using the M-K50 super- directional monaural microphone, stereo audio circuitry can be switched in when the camera is used with the MV-P602 stereo microphone.

Other features of the KY-15U include:

* A 2-H vertical-contour correction circuit. * Turret-type optical filters. * Three white-balance adjustment modes (preset, auto memory 1, and auto memory 2). * A color matrix circuit. * Intercom headset terminal with output level control. * Negative/positive image reversal circuit. * Flare-correction circuit. * Earphone jack. * VTR trigger-select switch. * Audio output-level selection (-20 and -52 dB). * Microprocessor-controlled auto-iris circuit. * External sync circuit. * Auxiliary video switch. * Microphone terminal (hot shoe for M-K50 and MV-P602). * Hot-shoe-connected 1.5-in. viewfinder (VF-P10)

The KY-15U is housed in a die-cast aluminum body, and most controls are concentrated on the front of the camera.

Full Range of Accessories

The KY-15U is supported by a wide variety of optional accessories that support its use in the field or studio, for surveillance, or as an input device in image processing or medical-research systems.

The KY-15U's accessories include:

* The RM-P200 Remote Control unit that allows operation up to 100 m (325 ft.) away. * The VF-P400 4-in. Viewfinder for studio use. * The AA-P200 AC Power Adapter which can be mounted on the camera head. * The AA-P250 AC Power Adapter that doubles as a battery charger. * A line of interchangeable lenses.

The KY-15U will be available at JVC Professional Video dealers. For more information on this product line, please contact JVC at (800) JVC-5825, or Barry Manz, Public Relations Director, at ANR Advertising, at (201) 299-8000.

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