MSRP: $4,495.00


Atlanta, GA (NAB 1990)...JVC PROFESSIONAL PRODUCTS COMPANY introduces the GY-X1TCU, the first camcorder that combines a 3-CCD camera with a S-VHS-C recorder in a single unit that weighs only 11 pounds including viewfinder, lens, and battery.

Despite its small size, the GY-X1TCU includes a comprehensive array of features. Three 1/2-inch CCD's deliver resolution of 330,000 pixels, 58 dB signal-to-noise ratio, and over 600 lines of resolution. The recorder portion has an advanced memory system that has four memories for storage of gamma levels, master black control, contour level, flare level, iris setting, gain selection, and other parameters. Values in three of the memories are preset for studio, outdoor, and indoor shooting, including one that is adjustable by the user. An optional circuit board makes each of the four memories user-adjustable.

The GY-X1TCU's microprocessor-controlled iris system lets the user set the speed, level, APL, peak mix level, and detecting area of the iris. The information can be stored in the memory system. Once the record switch is activated, the camera iris and white balance are automatically adjusted so the operator can devote his attention strictly to shooting.

The GY-X1TCU is designed with a full head drum, incorporates internal VITC time-code and uses compact S-VHS-C cassettes with 20 minutes of recording time. An instant record button eliminates set up time and provides the user with immediate operation. Pictures are recorded at better than 400 lines of resolution and Hi-Fi audio is recorded through the units balanced XLR connectors. This camcorder has been developed as an expansion to the S-VHS format and with a simple adapter the C-cassettes can be edited and played on any full size S-VHS system.

Other features of the GY-X1TCU include: a voice warning system; 14X zoom lens with a rectangular hood and mechanical inner focus system; two auto-white memories with filter positions indicated in the viewfinder; ALC with manual override; audio level indicator in the finder; gen-lock; and remote operation with optional remote control.

Suggested manufactures list prices of the GY-X1TCU with a 14X lens is $8,500 and delivery is expected to be in October of 1990.

JVC PROFESSIONAL PRODUCTS COMPANY distributes a complete line of broadcast and professional equipment including cameras, recorders, and audio and editing products. For more information about the GY- X1TCU and other JVC professional products, contact Dave Walton at JVC, 1-800-JVC-5825.


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