MSRP: $4,495.00

"Exciting" is not usually a term applied to professional video equipment, but may well be the most accurate descriptor of JVC's first professional one-piece camcorder. The GY-X1TCU (or X-1, for short) is the first product of its kind, bringing together the latest in 3-CCD camera technology and the compact recording capabilities of S-VHS-C.

Weighing in at 11 pounds including lens, battery, and viewfinder, the X-1 is the lightest, most maneuverable 3-chip camcorder ever built. And it's also the fastest. With the touch of a single button, the X-1 is instantly operational, crucial for fast breaking news stories. Whether the application is broadcast news gathering, event photography, or corporate TV production, the X-1 is a perfect fit.


The X-1 was developed by JVC's "KY-factory," the same factory that has produced such remarkable successes as the KY-2000, KY-1900, and BY-110 cameras. Inside the X-1 are 3 newly developed " CCD image sensors, each with 330,000 pixels. This results in an astonishing camera performance of 600 TV lines of horizontal resolution with a signal-to-noise ratio of 58dB. Since the S-VHS-C recording format is utilized, it is possible to record more than 400 TV lines of resolution. So as not to compromise recorded quality, the X-1 utilizes a full sized video head drum--similar to the ones used in JVC's PROFESSIONAL S editing systems. This ensures the best image quality when the tapes are edited or dubbed on another machine.

For field checking of tapes, the X-1 is equipped with full color playback circuitry.


Despite its compact size, the X-1 contains a number of advanced circuits that make it extremely flexible in different applications.

One of the new technology features built into the X-1 is an "Advanced Memory System" (AMS), developed by JVC for more versatile operation. The system has memory settings for gain, master black, auto iris, auto knee, gamma, flare, and contour level. Four different positions are available--PRESET, STUDIO, OUTDOOR, and USER ADJUSTABLE.

A new auto iris system is provided which includes a user selectable setting for iris level, iris speed, APL/Peak mix level and detecting area selection.

There are two auto-white memories, allowing the user to save settings for different lighting conditions, and switch between the two memorized settings, and PRESET. When the instant record button is pressed, the camera automatically switches to the auto iris mode, and to the automatic white balance tracking mode. This assures great pictures at a moment's notice!

The electronic viewfinder for the X-1 is as advanced as the camcorder itself. A new instant warm-up feature has the viewfinder up and running in less than 2 seconds of operation. It produces a crisp, clear picture with more than 500 TV lines of resolution. There are extensive operational indications in the viewfinder including audio level and filter turret position, as well as low battery, gain, and other warning messages. It can be adjusted to the left and right and rotated by 90 degrees.

The X-1 contains an internal VITC time code generator which can be switched on and off. VITC time code is recorded on the vertical interval, as part of the video signal, and makes possible frame accurate editing in post production.

The lens supplied with the X-1 is a specially designed 14:1 servo zoom lens (7mm to 98mm) which incorporates an "inner focus system." When the camera is focused, the rectangular lens hood does not rotate. This makes it possible to use a variety of special effects filters. Besides adding to the X-1's sleek high-tech look, the rectangular hood also reduces image flare and reflections caused by irregular light sources, since it has the same aspect ratio as the TV image itself.

Gain is selectable with six positions: 0dB, +6dB, +9dB, +12dB, +18dB, and ALC (automatic level control).

The X-1 has a sensitive microphone built into the handle. External audio components can be connected via an audio module that attaches to the side of the camera.


The camera portion of the X-1 can be used as part of a multi-camera system, since it is equipped with a genlock circuit. The RM-LP80U hand held remote control is also connectable.

The X-1 has a variety of outputs, including a BNC connector for composite video, in addition to VBS and Y-C358 outputs.

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