MSRP: $7,540.00
JVC INTRODUCES THE KY-27C LOW-LIGHT CAMERA LAS VEGAS (NAB, April 10 - 13, 1995) -- JVC PROFESSIONAL PRODUCTS COMPANY introduced the new KY-27C, an upgraded version of its popular low-light, 2/3" 3-CCD high resolution camera, the KY-27B. JVC once again sets industry standards with a camera that incorporates a new generation of CCD's, providing numerous improvements -- virtually no vertical smear, 800 lines of horizontal resolution, and 1 lux low-light capability with 100 percent video level output. In addition to its exclusive LoLux technology, the KY-27C is distinguished not only by its high resolution, sensitivity and outstanding image quality, but also by its superior performance. The KY-27C achieves a sensitivity of F9.0 at 2,000 lux. The camera incorporates new 380,000 effective pixel CCDs with a "dome shaped" microlens over each pixel for maximum sensitivity and minimum vertical smear. "With this new technology, the KY-27C can shoot directly into headlights without vertical smear," said Jerry Cohen, JVC's product marketing manager. "It is also one of the few professional cameras offering a combination of automatic level control and full time auto white to allow smooth, continuous shooting, regardless of lighting changes." These automatics are too often mistakenly viewed as 'for beginners only, explained Cohen. But they actually offer the only means to capture certain critical shots. For example, if a subject is moving from a very dark hallway into bright lights, the light level as well as the color temperature will change drastically. If you take time to re-white balance or switch gain settings, critical moments will be missed. The cameraperson needs to be free to explore all possibilities to produce the most exciting footage. In addition, the KY-27C has an intelligent auto iris detection system, which combines Multizone Weighting with Automatic Peak/Average Detection for accurate auto iris exposures under various shooting conditions.

Remote Control Capability with Triax System

Another advantage of the KY-27C is the addition of new field production accessories, such as a low-cost Triaxial System, which will permit operation up to 5,000 feet. The remote triax option makes the KY-27C an ideal choice for all remote set-ups, including virtually all studio set-ups and EFP applications. JVC PROFESSIONAL PRODUCTS COMPANY, based in Wayne, N.J., distributes a complete line of broadcast and professional equipment including cameras, recorders and editing products. For more information on the KY-27C, contact David Walton at 1-800-JVC- 5825. # # #