MSRP: $7,540.00
                       KY-27BU SPECIFICATIONS

Optical system               :2/3" F1.4 RGB prism system                      
Pickup device                :2/3" IT-transfer CCD, 3 chips                   
Picture elements             :728 (H) X 493 (V)                               
Encoder                      :NTSC (Wide-band R-Y/B-Y system)                 
Synchronizing system         :Internal:  Built-in RS-170A SSG                 
                              External:  VBS or BB                            
Lens mount                   :2/3" Bayonet                                    
Optical filter               :3200K, 5600K, 5600K + 1/16 ND,                  
                              4-Point Star Effect 3200K                       
Sensitivity                  :F9.0, 2000Lux, 0dB gain                         
Minimum required illumination:1.5 Lux (F1.4 with LOLUX mode)                  
Sensitivity selection        :0dB, 6dB, 9dB/0dB, 9dB, 18dB/0dB, 6dB,          
                              12dB/0dB, 6dB, ALC/0dB, ALC, 18dB selectable.   
S/N ratio (Typical)          :62dB (4.2 MHz bandwidth) Gamma = 1,             
                              Contour correction:  Off                        
Horizontal resolution        :750 lines (Y signal)                            
Registration                 :0.05% (without lens distortion)                 
Contour correction           :Horizontal:  Dual-edged                         
                              Vertical:  Dual-edged                           
Electronic shutter           :Normal (1/60), 1/100, 1/250. 1/500, 1/1000,     
                              1/2000sec. and variable shutter in ALC          
Variable scan                :1/60.2 - 1/1966.7 (254 steps)                   
Color bar generator          :Built-in SMPTE-type color bars                  
Power requirement            :DC 12V (10.5 - 18V)                             
Power consumption            :12.6W (Camera head + Camera adapter +           
                              Viewfinder under operational mode conditions)   
Ambient operating temperature:-10C - +45 C (14F - 113F)                       
Weight                       :2.65kg (5.9 lbs) (Camera head + viewfinder)     
                             :3.8kg (8.4 lbs) (Camera head + Camera adapter   
                              + Viewfinder)                                     

Design and specifications subject to change without notice.