Network Camera System Upgraded to Include Built-In Web Server, FTP Client and High Resolution Imaging Capability for Versatile Remote Surveillance

WAYNE, NJ (February 4, 2002) - JVC PROFESSIONAL PRODUCTS COMPANY has made upgrades to the latest version of their V.NETWORKS network camera, the VN-C30U, featuring an all-in-one design with a built-in Web server and a function supported FTP client. In addition, the camera features a 15X optical zoom lens, remote pan and tilt mechanism with a high-resolution 380,000 pixel CCD, F1.4 lens and MPEG-1 and JPEG compression.

JVC's V.NETWORKS product line has brought new standard of quality and versatility to network-based imaging. The VN-C30U is a third generation fully controllable camera that can be connected to a computer network and controlled and viewed by a remote computer. With its recent update, JVC has now included a built-in Web server that allows you to connect it directly to the Internet without a computer. Control and viewing can now be accomplished not only from a local network, but also from anywhere on the Internet. This is possible thanks to sophisticated software running on a small computer within the camera body. The camera generates not only superb images for remote viewing, but also the screens and controls that can be accessed from any Web browser.

The VN-C30U camera was initially launched in response to the increasing demand for high resolution, network-based remote controlled monitoring by businesses, law enforcement, civic organizations and individuals. Its new Web server functions now make it ideal for traffic monitoring, crowd surveillance, tourism, construction site monitoring and more.

Detailed, Accurate Output with High-Resolution CCD
The VN-C30U relies on a high-resolution CCD that delivers 380,000 effective pixels, and a powerful F1.4 lens to achieve a finer image distribution. The camera offers images in low-light environments of just 2.5 Lux, thereby making it a natural choice for retail operations as well as the monitoring of dark outdoor locations with minimal light, such as nighttime roads, parking lots and other challenging lighting conditions.

High-Speed Pan/Tilt Makes VN-C30U Versatile Remote Camera
JVC's VN-C30U retains the multi-angle pan/tilt and zoom functions found to be so successful and popular on its predecessor, the VN-C3U. The high-speed pan/tilt mechanism with a 320° pan and 90° tilt, combined with a powerful 15x optical zoom lens offers the user a large potential viewing area and enables monitoring of distant subjects with a clear, high quality picture. Ten preset camera positions let users register preference settings such as camera angle and zoom ratio, so target locations can be quickly monitored.

Easy Connection To Computer Networks
By simply connecting the unit to an existing Ethernet network and assigning it an IP address, the VN-C30U camera can be accessed from other computers. Connection directly to the Internet can be accomplished by adding a router and inserting a global IP address. No additional hardware is necessary.

Software Ensures Central Monitoring Control
All camera control functions on the VN-C30U including zoom, pan/tilt and recording, as well as image quality settings and JPEG/MPEG-1 switching, can be controlled through the network by a Web browser or local software. JVC also offers easy-to-use multi-camera software, VN-S200U/VN-S100U. In addition to changing the camera angle and zoom ratio to a preset position in conjunction with an infrared sensor or door alarm, it is also possible to program recording functions and warning displays on the monitor screen using the software, so various settings can be made to match the application.

The VN-C30U is currently available from authorized JVC PROFESSIONAL PRODUCTS COMPANY dealers.

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