10Base-T/100Base-TX Direct Ethernet Connection
With a built-in 10Base-T/100Base-TX interface, the VN-C30U can be incorporated with equal ease in a conventional 10Base-T LAN or the latest high-speed 100Base-TX network. Simply connect the camera to an existing Ethernet network and assign it an IP address. That is all you need to do to get it up and running on a network.

Multi-casting Capability
Allows the built-in web server to deliver the same high-quality images to any and all computers on your network. There's virtually no frame rate degradation when the VN-C30U is accessed by multiple clients and network traffic management is easy and efficient.

DHCP Support (upgraded)
With DHCP support, the VN-C30U is now easier than ever to connect and set up in your network.

Built in Pan /Tilt /15x Optical Zoom
V.NETWORKS PTZ In spite of its compact size, the VN-C30U is no lightweight when it comes to imaging capabilities. It incorporates a powerful optical 15x zoom mechanism that you can easily control from your PC. The high-speed pan/tilt function gives you control over horizontal, vertical and diagonal camera movement. Up to 10 presets are available, allowing quick access to the desired monitor location.

High Quality CCD
If your application requires precise, high-quality imaging, the VN-C30U is the right choice. Incorporating a high-resolution 1/4" CCD with 380,000 pixels, the VN-C30U captures superior, high-quality images with more light and more detail. Clear, bright images are assured, even at night, making it ideal for monitoring or security/surveillance applications where accurate imaging is critical.

MPEG1 Smooth Motion Pictures
To improve delivery of motion images, the VN-C30U adds MPEG1 image compression to the conventional JPEG standard. With MPEG1, motion images can be efficiently compressed for network transfer, while maintaining a frame rate of 30fps for minimal loss of movement. Managing data flow over your network is easy too, because you can also set the constant bit rate you prefer.

For Application Developers
JVC can supply API specifications /OCX of V.NETWORKS. They will allow you to seamlessly integrate new or additional feature /functions into your program.
Please contact V.Networks Developers Support Center.

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Optical 10x Zoom
Web server built in camera
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