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 Simple 3-Component System Makes Professional HD Distribution Quick and Affordable

WAYNE, NJ (February 5, 2003) - JVC PROFESSIONAL PRODUCTS COMPANY announces the first affordable professional High Definition Delivery system targeted at post production, presentation, film and HDTV facilities.  JVC's system, comprised of an HD MPEG-2 encoder, recording and playback VCR, is ideal for producers and directors needing a cost-effective way to review dailies and distribute high definition programming on a low-cost D-VHS media. Based on JVC's renowned DVHS format, the professional system, dubbed "Pro-HD," includes the provision to create password protected high definition recordings that playback only on professional-model VCRs. 

The universe of HD displays such as plasma displays and monitors and rear & direct-view projectors is growing in leaps and bounds.  HD displays are showing up in more and more homes, offices, and conference centers each day.  In response to this trend, we’re seeing the amount of professional recording done in HD increasing on a daily basis.  The problem is that, until now, there has not been an easy, economical way to distribute those recordings in a way that optimizes the HD technology, both in recording and playback.

With this announcement, JVC addresses this issue with a simple, economical three-component professional system that is fully compatible with consumer HD products.

Distribution and Playback: The SR-VD400US D-VHS Player and SR-VDA300US Recorder 
Unlike consumer D-VHS systems, the professional Pro-HD system offers the ability to record and playback in a password-protected mode for playback on Pro-HD D-VHS equipment, giving content providers the ability to protect their material. 

The jewel of the system is the SR-VD400US, the economical Pro-HD D-VHS player that goes beyond the capabilities of consumer D-VHS players, by providing the ability to playback  recordings in either the password-protected Pro-HD mode or regular D-VHS mode.  With a list price of $1,400, the SR-VD400US is affordable enough to reside in any home theater, yet powerful enough to accommodate the needs of a top Hollywood producer.

In addition to playing Pro-HD original recordings, the SR-VD400US can be used to record and playback off-air HDTV broadcasts using a DTV set-top-box or playback D-Theater protected pre-recorded software currently widely available in the United States.

A bidirectional IEEE-1394 interface allows direct connection to the newly announced JVC HD Camcorder JY-HD10U.

The SR-VDA300US is a unique Pro-HD D-VHS recorder that accepts the native DVB-ASI data stream directly from any HD MPEG-2 encoder conforming to ASI standards and required data rates. The SR-VDA300US is unique to the marketplace for two reasons.  First, it has an ASI interface, which allows direct recording of the native HD MPEG2 transport stream. Second, it has the ability to create original recordings in password protected Pro-HD D-VHS mode, allowing secure transport and playback for content creators.   

The whole process begins with the DM-JV600 encoder, which takes SMPTE-292M HD-SDI signal and encodes it into a compressed HD MPEG2 format, providing a standard DVB-ASI stream for its companion SR-VDA300US recorder. 

"This high-definition delivery solution makes it possible for anyone to afford the technology necessary to easily create and view high definition images," states Edgar Shane, product manager for JVC PROFESSIONAL PRODUCTS COMPANY.  “In fact, it’s already being used by some of Hollywood’s most prestigious producers as a way to quickly and accurately review digital dailies.”

A System That’s Changing the Way Hollywood Reviews Dailies
In April 2002, JVC initiated a test of the system using modified consumer D-VHS machines with LaserPacific Media Corporation and several Hollywood studios.  JVC’s system is already having a major impact in the motion picture industry, contributing to streamlined modern motion picture methods with the introduction of its HD delivery system. 

This is particularly true in the review of “dailies” and digital previews.  Dailies are the process in which all involved in the movie-making process review the day’s film production for a variety of quality control issues including content, color and composition. The predominant way to do this is to process the film footage, then produce multiple prints of the film and use a traditional projector (operated by a projectionist) to review the dailies.  This is a costly undertaking, particularly on location shoots, where a specially-equipped trailer is often required to house the necessary equipment.  JVC’s high definition delivery system is completely portable, allowing playback capabilities in virtually any surroundings. Producers can quickly set up the dailies screening process in hotel rooms, conference rooms, director’s trailers or studio executive desktop solutions that provide film-like playback quality. What’s more, because JVC’s Pro-HD original recordings utilize encrypted and password-protected modes, it’s ideal for ensuring that only the proper eyes see dailies.  Significant cost savings can be realized by utilizing digital dailies and previews.  

“By transferring film negative directly to 24p high definition digital masters as dailies, these sources can be used to conform the preview from digital elements without cutting, conforming and re-conforming film workpicture,” stated Leon Silverman, LaserPacific’s executive vice president.  “This allows for extreme efficiency in subsequent previews and preview screening featuring images significantly more pristine than can be derived from cut film workpicture.  This procedure frees the editor and post production department from the issues, costs and pressures associated with the cutting and conforming of the film workpicture and the time and expense spent readying opticals that in many cases will be thrown away.”

Currently, mega-producer Jerry Bruckheimer and his Vice President of Production Pat Sandston, use JVC’s system for fast, accurate, daily review of current projects including “The Pirates of the Caribbean.”  By taking advantage of this faster, more affordable system, Bruckheimer is not only able to accurately assess the day’s production, from a technical aspect, but he’s able to allocate more of his production budget to the spine-chilling action sequences and cutting-edge special effects that have become the hallmark of his productions.

 “As the completion of our testing program comes to an end, we’re delighted to announce that Warner Bros has purchased our very first Pro-HD delivery system taking delivery of advanced production units on December 30, 2002,” said Lawrence Librach, JVC’s assistant vice president of business development broadcast and entertainment.

"Our professional high-definition delivery solution is a terrific development for JVC," states Robert Mueller, executive vice president of JVC PROFESSIONAL PRODUCTS COMPANY.  “When someone like Jerry Bruckheimer embraces your technology, it’s proof-positive that we’re continuing to operate on the cutting edge.”


JVC PROFESSIONAL PRODUCTS COMPANY, located in Wayne, New Jersey, distributes a complete line of broadcast and professional equipment. For more information about this, or any other JVC professional products, contact JVC at (800)582-5825; or visit JVC Web site at


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