MSRP: $1,024.00
The Most Versatile VCR Ever Made!
There has never been a videocassette recorder packed with more capabilities and higher picture quality than JVC's SR-VD400US. Whether it's used as a standalone HDTV player, or as an integral part of a television production facility, the applications for this impressive unit are endless.

D-VHS Format Recording and Playback
JVC's D-VHS format uses inexpensive oxide cassettes to record industry standard MPEG-2 Transport Stream data, including standard and high definition program material. D-VHS recording modes include the 28.2 Mbps HS mode for recording of HD sources including 1080i or 720p digital signals*, the 14.1 Mbps STD mode for recording of SD sources such as 480p** and 480i material, and the 4.7 Mbps LS3 mode and 2.8 Mbps LS5 mode for up to 35 hours recording of digital or analog NTSC material on a single DF-480 cassette.
* IEEE-1394 input of encoded MPEG-2 data from personal computer, standalone encoder, or JY-HD10U camcorder
**Not possible in LS3/LS5 modes.

Pro-HD Encrypted and Password Protected Playback
JVC's SR-VD400US plays back all D-VHS tapes, including secure program content recorded on the SR-VDA300US mastering recorder--programs not viewable on ordinary D-VHS decks. When recordings are password protected, they can be played back by simply entering the correct password with the provided wireless remote control. The SR-VD400US can also play back copy-protected prerecorded D-Theater software, for access to the latest HD software releases.

MPEG-2 CODEC for Digital Recording of Various Sources
The built-in MPEG-2 encoder/decoder enables D-VHS digital recording from NTSC analog and digital sources. When DV signals (from a digital camcorder or VTR) are input via the IEEE-1394 interface, a built-in DV-to-MPEG-2 converter makes it possible to record these signals in the more efficient MPEG-2 format, dramatically increasing recording times. This feature makes the SR-VD400US the ideal recorder for archiving NTSC material.

Versatile IEEE-1394 Connectivity
The IEEE-1394 terminal allows connection of a computer, digital set-top box or HD camcorder (such as JVC's JY-HD10U or GR-HD1US) for the transfer and recording of HD digital signals. The 1394 connection also allows SD dubbing of 480i to and from DV camcorders and VTRs. 480i analog signals input through the composite or Y/C connector can also be output as digital signals through the IEEE-1394 connector.

HDTV Component Output
Component outputs (Y/PB/PR) allow viewing on plasma monitors and other HD displays.

Playback Picture Format Converter
Allows all formats to be downcoverted to 480i for easy viewing on standard monitors, as well as upconversion of 720p to 1080i for viewing on the latest displays.

Analog VHS, S-VHS recording and playback
The SR-VD400US can play and record legacy analog recordings in the VHS and S-VHS modes, making it the ideal player for a screening room, boardroom or high tech classroom.

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