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CU-VHI Furthers the JVC Commitment to Bring Affordable High Definition Video to the market at Prices Less Than Other New Standard Definition Systems

WAYNE, NJ, (February 25, 2004) – As further evidence of their commitment to bring affordable high definition video to a broader market, JVC PROFESSIONAL PRODUCTS COMPANY today introduced the CU-VH1, the world’s first portable high definition (HD) player/recorder. An ideal complement to the JVC JY-HD10U handheld camcorder, the new CU-VH1 high-definition video (HDV) format player/recorder brings unprecedented flexibility to HD video production with multi-format (HDV and DV) playback and digital iLink IEEE 1394 recording. The CU-VH1 allows video producers to spool HD content from their tape to their non-linear editing (NLE) system of choice without tying up the camcorder. Once edited producers can then record their HD material back to tape for archiving or playback. Such flexibility makes this compact-sized video tape recorder (VTR) a must-have component of any high definition production or post-production system.

Adhering to the widely supported HDV format, the CU-VH1 records and plays back HD media adhering to the ATSC broadcast standard HD using Mini DV cassettes. It features a 3.5-inch LCD monitor, a digital iLink interface for non-linear editing and dubbing, component outputs for multi-format playback, and an SD memory card slot for capturing stills from tape.

The CU-VH1 is the world’s first truly portable HD VTR that lets you display breathtaking HD footage wherever you are — whether it’s on a boat or plane or in the office,” said Edgar Shane, product manager for JVC PROFESSIONAL PRODUCTS COMPANY. “The CU-VH1 is a compact HD player/recorder that uses the new standard industry HDV format, offering versatile recording options and playback and spooling capability for HD footage.”

The CU-VH1 enables digital-to-digital HD, SD and DV recording to and from video equipment and PCs. The iLink interface allows digital-to-digital dubbing between the CU-VH1 and HD cameras and decks (D-VHS). The iLink connection also allows high definition MPEG-2 material to be transferred between the CU-VH1 and a PC for playback or non-linear MPEG-2 editing.

Editors can easily dub between digital and analog sources with the CU-VH1 built-in digital-to-analog and analog-to-digital conversion. S-Video, composite and audio connectors function as both inputs and outputs, allowing HD/SD or DV sources to be dubbed from the CU-VH1 to an NTSC deck or analog material dubbed from an NTSC source onto mini DV in the CU-VH1. Component video outputs allow dubbing from the CU-VH1 to a professional deck.

The CU-VH1 can also capture progressive HD, SD and DV 1280 x 720 JPEG stills and save them to a memory card. Images stored on SD Cards or MultiMediaCards (MMC) can be viewed individually or automatically as a slide show. Thumbnail images of footage shot on tape can be automatically stored on a memory card while shooting or manually during playback for easy access to specific scenes. In addition, tape time code or day and date subcode can be displayed on screen.

The new CU-VH1 offers extremely versatile playback options. It will play back signals recorded in 720/30p (MPEG-2), 480/60p (MPEG-2) and 480/60i (DV) including any footage shot with the JY-HD10U camera. With up- and down-conversion capabilities, HD recordings can be viewed on virtually any television or monitor. HD 16:9, SD or DV footage can be played in 16:9 or 4:3 letterbox modes. All material is output on component analog connectors and down-converted or NTSC material is available on the S-Video or composite outputs.

To satisfy immediate viewing needs in the field, HD footage shot with the JY-HD10U can also be viewed on the CU-VH1’s built-in 3.5-inch, 240,000 pixel high-resolution LCD monitor that features brightness control, a speaker, and the monitor folds flat into the top of the unit when not in use.

The CU-VH1 was built for rugged conditions and portability. Guard bars and a rugged cover protect component BNC outputs (with supplied RCA adapters), S-Video, composite and audio inputs/outputs and iLink IEEE 1394 and USB inputs/outputs. The SD memory card/MultiMediaCard slot, microphone jack and headphone jack are similarly protected. The CU-VH1 uses the same batteries as the JY-HD10 and the included AC power supply charges these batteries.


JVC PROFESSIONAL PRODUCTS COMPANY, located in Wayne, New Jersey, is a leading manufacturer and distributor of a complete line of broadcast and professional equipment. For more information about this, or any other JVC PROFESSIONAL PRODUCTS COMPANY product, contact JVC at (800) 582-5825; or Deirdre Breakenridge at PFS Marketwyse 973-812-8883, or visit JVC’s Web site at

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