BD-X200U Combines the Advanced Features of a High-End Authoring System with the Simple Operation and Direct Recording Capabilities of a Stand-Alone DVD Recorder


LAS VEGAS, NV ( April 19, 2004 ) –JVC PROFESSIONAL PRODUCTS COMPANY today introduced the BD-X200U, a unique DVD publishing appliance ideal for video production, education, medical acquisition and event videography. Meeting the needs of a broad range of video professionals, the BD-X200U offers the functions of a high-end authoring system such as original menu design and seamless chapter-by-chapter creation, in addition to the capabilities of a stand-alone DVD recorder, including direct recording and easy operation.

“With two-layer title and chapter menus, the BD-X200U stands out among DVD recorders, which typically have simple, one-layer menus,” said Edgar Shane, product manager for JVC PROFESSIONAL PRODUCTS COMPANY. “With built-in authoring, this unique model has the capability to accommodate the needs of professionals in video production, yet is so easy to use, even the most novice producers can achieve sophisticated results.”

While PC software can take up to 260 minutes for encoding, authorizing, burning and finalizing, and consumer DVD recorders require 120 minutes to burn one disc, the BD-X200U can perform authoring, encoding, and DVD burning in real time.

The unit also offers template-based menu design, which allows users to create original menu templates on their favorite graphics program and then save them into the recorder. Using the automatic chapter maker, chapters can be made automatically by fixed-time interval, time code (EDL) and recording trigger. With seamless playback, chapters made by the recorder can be played without a glitch on standard DVD players, and the two-layer menu with thumbnails can make up to 99 titles and 99 chapters. Utilizing built-in TCP/IP network interface the BD-X200U can also duplicate DVDs up to four times faster through the Ethernet with as many as five DVD recorders connected at one time.

The DV emulation mode, a feature exclusive to JVC, allows the BD-X200U to function as a DV deck for a non-linear editing (NLE) system. This feature allows DVD authoring and recording directly from an NLE timeline. RS-422 control enables professional VTR control while dubbing to DVD-R.

The BD-X200U allows users to convert tape libraries and archives to DVD easily and efficiently. Video images can be converted directly to DVD, enabling quick search of DVD chapters using thumbnails.

High-resolution photos and color brochures are available on the Web at JVC's Media Resource Page:


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