GY-HD100U Offers Interchangeable HD Lenses, Shoulder Style Stability
With Light Weight and Maneuverability of Handheld

LAS VEGAS, NV (April 18, 2005) - JVC announced today the world’s first truly professional, affordable high definition camera recorder with true 24p capture and recording in JVC’s ProHD product line-up. ProHD is JVC’s approach to its affordable HD solution, which utilizes the HDV™ format adopted by JVC, Sharp, Sony and Canon. JVC’s ProHD product line-up features timecode and audio capabilities for professional use. The GY-HD100U is a full resolution HD progressive camera recorder. A result of extensive market interviews since Affordable HD was first announced by JVC, its outstanding performance is exceptional in its price range. Features and ergonomics are optimized for Digital Cinematographic use.

The camcorder produces film-like quality high definition recordings, bringing digital cinematography capabilities within practical reach of a wide market segment. Its true 24 frame per second capability enables recordings to be transferred to 16mm or 35mm film with full HD fidelity, without frame rate conversion. The GY-HD100U delivers spectacular quality SD recordings for professionals shooting in either SD or HD.

The GY-HD100U utilizes three newly developed 1/3-inch CCD image sensors, each one featuring an array of 1280x720 pixels (approximately 1 mega pixel), with micro lenses. Eliminating the need for image scaling, its native resolution matches that of most HDTV displays. In addition, the GY-HD100U provides real time playback in all major DTV formats, allowing easy conversion of recorded data to other formats while preserving top quality.

This year at NAB, JVC is fulfilling the promise of Affordable HD, with affordable high definition products and a clearly defined Pro HD strategic roadmap ,” said Robert Mueller, executive vice president for JVC PROFESSIONAL PRODUCTS COMPANY. “The launch of the GY-HD100U brings the production community a cost-effective, full HD resolution progressive camcorder, in a market-inspired, truly original implementation unlike any other camera.”

The GY-HD100U is ideal for digital cinematography, as well as commercial production, reality, episodic, documentary and news programs. The camera allows for extensive user customization including settings for gamma and skin tone detection. A patented user- selectable algorithm provides motion reproduction similar to that produced with film cameras. All user parameters can be stored on a removable SD memory card and can be transferred to another GY-HD100U if desired.

The camera includes a standard detachable 16x Servo Fujinon HD lens. Other available lens options include a 13x (3.5mm) wide zoom HD lens, a wide-angle converter for the standard 16x lens, and an adapter allowing standard ½-inch lenses to be used on the camera. A patented ‘focus assist’ function highlights detail in the viewfinder to facilitate High Definition focusing.

A variety of features on this camera make the recording, editing and archiving process simple. It has a built-in HD recording system that records full high definition images on inexpensive MiniDV cassettes. Data is recorded in the MPEG-2 format with full broadcast resolution and quality. In addition, the GY-HD100U can connect directly to an external hard disc recording module, allowing simultaneous recording and production workflow enhancement.

The GY-HD100U has 2 XLR audio inputs and records CD quality digital audio; with independent controls for each channel. The camcorder also features a variety of customizable settings that can be stored on a standard SD memory card, and loaded onto another GY-HD100U, if necessary.

In addition to providing HD true progressive 24 P superior quality recordings, the GY-HD100U outputs uncompressed 720/P60 HD, making it ideal for live broadcasting, remote news and POV applications. An optional module converts the uncompressed signal to HD-SDI for use in a variety of user environments.

The GY-HD100U’s unique compact shoulder design locates camera and viewfinder controls on the left side of the unit. A specially designed Fujinon HD lens provides automatic or manual iris control, with smooth servo zoom and backfocus adjustment. A convenient IEEE1394 interface permits simple, quick connection to an external dual media recording option, a PC or NLE for easy downloading, and editing or archiving.

JVC has designed the GY-HD100U to deliver true professional quality HD video recording,” said Tim Tokita, product marketing manager for JVC PROFESSIONAL PRODUCTS COMPANY. “Previously, 24p high definition was available in only the most expensive HD cameras. This product breaks that mold, further solidifying our position as the preeminent innovator in Affordable HD professional video equipment.”

The suggested list price for the GY-HD100U including 16:1 Fujinon Lens is $6,295. Delivery is expected to begin in July 2005.

Accessories for the GY-HD100U include shotgun microphone, Anton-Bauer Power system, Quick-Release tripod mounting plate, and DTE™ disc recording module. High-resolution photos are available on the Web at


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