JVC's ProHD opens up the world of HD digital cinematography with the introduction of the GY-HD100U. True high definition recording on inexpensive and reliable tape, or optionally onto hard disk, and real 24 frame progressive capture give this camera performance characteristics found only in high end cinematography cameras.

Professional form factor: beauty that's more than skin deep
One look at the GY-HD100U reveals the obvious: this is not a 'prosumer' camcorder, nor is it a derivative of a consumer model. Controls and switches are laid out in the same manner as on higher end production cameras. Because of extensive customization capabilities there are menus, but critical performance controls are right at your fingertips where you expect them. Deep inside the GY-HD100U is a truly advanced progressive camera that sets a new benchmark in the industry.

Film-Like 24 frame progressive capture and recording
24 frames per second progressive acquisition produces recorded images that have a more polished, film-like appearance than typical interlaced video cameras. That's why virtually all high end digital cinematography cameras utilize the 24P system. The GY-HD100U uses three newly developed 1/3-inch native high definition CCDs that produce a more refined HD look without scaling. Since the native 24 frame material is recorded to tape, it is possible to transfer the recordings to film without frame rate conversion. Time code is recorded in the 24P mode, so recordings made with the GY-HD100U can be edited with film based and high end digital systems with ease.

Bayonet Mount Interchangeable Lenses
The GY-HD100U includes a standard detachable 16x Servo Fujinon ProHD lens. Operation is the same as with all professional lenses, with mechanical control of focus, zoom and iris functions. The built-in servo zoom and iris functions can also be used if desired. Other available lens options include a 13x (3.5mm) wide zoom HD lens, a wide-angle converter for the standard 16x lens, an adapter allowing -inch lenses to be used on the camera and a filter kit. JVC offers rear tripod mounted focus and zoom controls for the standard lenses. Prime lenses can also be used with a 3rd party adapter.

Focus Assist Function
People viewing high definition pictures are often able to see focusing errors that would normally go unnoticed in standard definition. Therefore, it is important to precisely focus every scene. For this reason, JVC has developed and patented a ?focus assist? function that highlights detail in the viewfinder to facilitate HD focusing.

Extensive user adjustable parameters
Creating a true cinematographic look involves more than just recording at 24 frames per second. The camera's gamma, detail and black levels can be adjusted to the user's preference. When combined with the correct lens filters and lighting techniques, film like performance can be obtained that's tailored to the mood of the scene. There is even a skin tone detection feature that automatically reduces the amount of enhancement in facial areas so that your subjects will not have a wrinkled, television-like appearance. All custom settings can be stored on an inexpensive SD memory card and transferred to another camera if desired.

Superior signal processing
JVC's advanced DSP and 12-bit A/D conversion gives the GY-HD100U the characteristics of a high end production camera. Depending on the mood, black levels can be compressed or stretched.

Progressive Scanning
The GY-HD100U utilizes a progressive scanning system similar to that used in all high end digital cinema cameras. Progressive scanning systems capture and store full frames of information and can be easily converted to interlace signals if desired. When progressive recordings are frozen or played in slow motion, individual frames contain the full detail--excellent for viewing and analyzing motion. Prints that are made from HD progressive frame grabs look far better than typical frame grabs. What's more, all flat panel television displays and fixed matrix projectors, such as D-ILA, DLP and LCD, are native progressive scanning systems and eliminate the need for conversion when displaying GY-HD100U progressive recordings.

Advanced encoding system from the leader in MPEG-2 technology
JVC is one of the original developers of the MPEG-2 compression system. MPEG-2 is an 'interframe' encoding system that combines multiple frames of digital picture data into a group of pictures (GOP). It then removes redundant informaton from the GOP resulting in far greater efficiency than with 'intraframe' systems, such as DV, that compress every frame separately. JVC pioneered high definition MPEG-2 recording with its D-VHS format--used by major motion picture studios for screening and playback of dailies. JVC's advanced MPEG-2 codecs are used by major television networks and satellite providers. In the GY-HD100U JVC has utilized a highly efficient MPEG-2 codec that compresses the full HD resolution without the 'downsizing the image' used by some competitors.

Reliable Dual Media Recording Capability
The GY-HD100U adheres to the HDV™ format adopted by JVC and other manufacturers. Compressed MPEG-2 data is recorded on widely available MiniDV cassettes. Since tape speed is identical to DV, a 63 minute DV cassette will yield 63 minutes of high definition recording. Furthermore, critical image data is interleaved over the entire 6 frame GOP (corresponding to 60 tracks on the tape) giving the HDV™ format great robustness with respect to dropouts. In addition to recording on reliable, inexpensive tape, the GY-HD100U can simultaneously record directly to an optional hard disk module, the DR-HD100. In addition to providing an instantaneous back-up recording, recordings made on the hard disk can be accessed directly by popular non-linear editing systems eliminating the need for file transfer. This Direct To Edit™ feature (DTE™) provides producers with a take-away tape copy while providing editors with the ability to begin editing immediately.

2 XLR Audio Inputs
Professional XLR connectors are provided for each audio channel. The GY-HD100U records CD quality audio at 384Kbps in the MPEG1 Layer 2 format. Independent input level controls are provided for each channel. Audio level indicators are visible in the viewfinder and on the flip-out LCD display.

Compact shoulder mount
The first fully professional HD camcorder to feature a shoulder-type mount with a compact body, the GR-HD100U offers excellent mobility and enhanced usability. The exclusive shoulder-type mount assures ease of handling for anyone, regardless of physical strength. The shoulder pad and earphone position can be moved to fit to the cameraperson's head for a more stable shooting position.

Smooth Motion Function (patented)
JVC's exclusive smooth motion function captures images at double the normal rate when shooting in 30p or 25p (that is, at 60p or 50p). When the doubled images are merged, they are passed through a newly developed filter that smoothes out the subject's motion by retaining a small percentage of residual image. This eliminates the motion judder that typically appear in images shot at 30p or 25p.

HDV™ and HDV™ logo are trademarks of Sony Corporation and Victor Company of Japan, Limited (JVC).
Direct To Edit™ and DTE™ are trademarks of Focus Enhancements, Inc.

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