VIDEO DATA RECORDER (1.32 terabyte storage)

MSRP: $11,900.00

  • Fast PIII 1,4 Ghz. with 512 MB RAM
  • Up to 15 SCSI devices can be handled (LVD 160)
  • Up to 10 IDE hard-disks or CD / DVD drives can be handled
  • CD/DVD library support for unalterable video archives
  • Scalable NAS server with a storage capacity of several terabytes can be implemented.
  • RAID 0,1, & 5 in free configuration via S/W RAID
  • Windows, Novell, Apple, Unix, as well as active directory support
  • Integrated DHCP, HTTP, SMB, FTP, and NFS server
  • SMTP alarm messages when malfunctioning
  • Improved 2.4 Linux kernel on flash EPPROM. System can operate even when all hard-disks fail
  • Gigabit or fibre-channel connection available
  • Dual NICs 10/100 Ethernet
  • Independent from platforms