VIDEO DATA RECORDER (1.32 terabyte storage)

MSRP: $11,900.00
Since JVC introduced our first V-Networks Cameras three years ago, we have been continually striving to develop IP innovations for video surveillance.

Video Security IP Primer [click here]

The Video Data Recorder represents the next advance towards that goal. It combines cameras communicating over an Ethernet IP network with Digital Recording and Network Control.

The VDR eliminates the need for cumbersome Coaxial cable and allows digital video to be recorded directly to the network device. Connection between the camera, VDR and network is via standard CAT 5, CAT5R or CAT 6 twisted pair cable.

The VDR is your digital recorder and web server in one package.

The V networks Video Data Recorder is the digital solution for which you have been waiting.

The VDR is simple to install, simple to configure and simple to operate. System self configures saving time and money.

Each VDR can manage and record up to 16 IP cameras

Live and archived video can be accessed and managed via a standard Internet Explorer Browser.

Each VDR can be set up to record cameras based on priority, individual frame rate and individual resolution.

Only priority cameras and alarms are then sent via the network freeing up valuable bandwidth.

Uses Write Once Read Many (WORM) media data are stored unalterable and thus meet requirements to be accepted as proof in prosecutions.

Integrated and simple to use search functionality quickly gives access to image data. This is supported by the latest compression procedures to keep the amount of data stored at its minimum. Multiple VDRs can be managed easily over a standard 100 Base T Ethernet all monitored by a standard browser.

Plug & Watch--after having been assigned single Mac address the cameras are ready to work and transmit data to the server. All further personal and detail settings can be made easily via web browser. A single Static IP address can support 1000s of cameras. This is important as most IT departments are not generous about assigning static IP addresses.

The VDR-100 is based on a well-proven server platform and supports all relevant features of current networks as TCP/IP, HTTP, DHCP, NCP, NFS, ADS, Apple Talk, SMB, SMTP, and FTP. In addition to that features like imaging, CD-R support, search functionalities, multi-view, etc. are already integrated. The web-based interface enables a logon through the internet to have a clear view on the scene without actually being there.