MSRP: $9,300.00

The DY-700U represents a stunning breakthrough in video acquisition. By tightly integrating JVC?s famous 3-chip camera technology with the unparalleled recording capabilities of Digital- S, JVC has produced a field camera that outperforms Beta-SP and DV- based digital camcorders?with an amazing price tag of $11,999 including lens and viewfinder.

Until now, achieving studio digital quality recording in a field camera has only been a dream of professional cameramen. Even when programs were posted on high end formats such as D1, D5 and Digital Betacam, field recording was often done with component analog camcorders because of cost. D-9 changed all that with the introduction of the BR-D40U dockable recorder, a high-performance D-9 4:2:2 recorder that docks with a variety of professional cameras. Now, with the introduction of JVC's first 1-piece D-9 camcorder, studio quality acquisition is now available to even a wider range of users. Superb pictures recorded on an outstanding format at an unbelievable price! All in a single, digital package: The DY-700U 4:2:2 Digital Recording

The DY-700U provides DTV-ready recordings using JVC's famous D-9 4:2:2 format. Unlike consumer based DV and its derivatives that use 4:1:1 sampling and higher compression, D-9 records full 4:2:2 resolution with a very gentle 3.3 to 1 compression resulting in crisp, artifact-free images. Recordings can be monitored through the composite video output on the DY-700U, and can be easily edited in any D-9 editing system. And because D-9 recordings are virtually lossless, they can be transferred to and from non-linear editing systems multiple times with no discernible degradation.*

*Quality may be affected by the particular non-linear system used. Outstanding Performance,

User-friendly Operability You'd expect stellar performance from the camera section of a JVC, and the DY-700U is no exception. Three 1/2 inch CCDs with JVC's micro-lens technology produce sharp pictures and high sensitivity. And with JVC's legendary LoLux technology, you can capture great pictures even with illumination as low as 1.5 lux. Ergonomically, the DY-700U can't be beat. Controls are laid out logically for easy operation. And the DY-700U is balanced perfectly for stable, steady shots. Shooting is a dream with an array of automatic functions including Full Time Auto White (FAW) that tracks color temperature automatically. A Continuous Auto Black (CAB) circuit assures perfect black balance under changing environments. Industry-standard 1/2-inch lenses

The DY-700U accepts industry standard bayonet-mount lenses, allowing you to choose the ideal lens for your specific application. JVC offers a variety of Canon and Fujinon lenses for the DY-700U. JVC is also offering a cost-saving package, complete with camcorder, viewfinder and lens, all for $11,999. 104 minute recording time

Users upgrading from Beta-SP will not only appreciate the higher quality, but the longer recording times as well. The DY-700U uses the proven D-9 1/2-inch metal particle tapes available in lengths of 10, 34, 64, and 104 minutes. High-quality 2-channel PCM audio

Two high-quality, 16 bit 48kHz sampling digital audio channels are provided. Two linear cue-audio tracks mirror the digital audio channels for audio monitoring during search. Dual XLR inputs are provided with separate level adjustments for each channel. Phantom power can also provided to either or both microphone channels. Built-in SMPTE Time Code

The DY-700U generates, records and reads SMPTE-standard time code. The system includes a REGEN mode that allows new recordings to begin with time codes that are synchronized with previously recorded time code, or with external sources. Time and date information can also be recorded independently of the time code. BNC connectors provide external time code input and output.