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The BR-3100U was designed to handle a wide range of business, education, and other commercial applications that require a high quality VCR that's easy-to-use, and one that will readily connect to a variety of professional equipment. In the JVC tradition, the BR-3100U embodies the latest signal processing circuitry, including the HQ system, with no compromise in picture quality regardless of what recording speed is chosen. In addition, a variety of convenient features, makes the BR-3100 an ideal all-purpose VHS deck.

Picture Quality

Since JVC was the developer of the VHS format, and more recently the HQ system, it was imperative that the BR-3100U deliver the absolute best video picture available, from a machine in its class. JVC engineers achieved this goal using a variety of techniques:

* Incorporation of the HQ (High Quality) system

The VHS-HQ system consists of essentially three technologies designed to improve the VHS picture: 1) Luminance signal noise reduction which cuts down on snowy, grainy pictures, 2) Chrominance signal noise reduction which reduces color patches and streaking, and 3) extension of the white clip level which sharpens the picture.

* Addition of a luminance signal comb filter

The BR-3100U employs a delay line comb filter in the luminance signal path which completely isolates the chrominance signal. This makes the bandwidth of the luminance signal even wider and greatly reduces color crosstalk. The result is a picture with 10% more information than before.

* Utilization of 4 video heads for optimum track width

Recording in the 6 hour mode (EP) requires the use of video tracks narrower that the 58 micron standard. To accomodate this, some manufacturers have reduced the width of the video heads, greatly compromising the VCR's performance in the 2 hour (SP) mode. JVC has never done this. Separate heads are used for the extended play and standard play modes, giving optimum performance regardless of the speed chosen.

Flexible connection to professional components

The BR-3100U is equipped with BNC video input and output connectors which enable easy hook-up to professional video equipment. An 8-pin EIAJ connector is also provided for connection to a monitor/receiver. The functions of the 8-pin connector are as follows:

1) Provides video and audio signals from the VCR to the monitor/receiver for playback

2) Receives video/audio signals from the monitor's tuner (if so equipped) for recording the TV signal.

An input selector switch on the front panel allows for switching between LINE (audio and BNC video terminals), TUNER (built-in), and TV (via the 8-pin connector).

Automated Play/Record functions

For easy operation, a number of automated functions are built into the BR-3100U.

* Automatic power-up whenever a cassette is inserted into the machine.

* Auto-play system starts playback immediately after a cassette is inserted into the VCR, provided that the safety tab has been removed.

* Memory-play function allows the operator to press the play button immediately after pressing REW or FF. When the tape is finished winding, the play mode is then automatically entered. This is especially convenient when a tape has not been rewound prior to playback. For further flexibility, if the counter memory function is engaged, then playback will be started when the counter reaches "0000".

* One button record function (instant record). When this button is pressed, recording starts, regardless of which mode the VCR is currently in. Pressing the button repeatedly will add 30 minute increments to the stop time of the recording. This feature makes the recorder even easier to use for untrained operators.

* Cassette ejection is possible even if the power is turned off (provided of course that AC power is supplied to the deck).


The BR-3100U has a cable-compatible 111 channel tuner. Selection of the desired channel is accomplished by entering the desired channel number directly on the 10-key pad, or by using the "+" or "-" buttons for up/down tuning. A 14 day/4 event timer is included. The front-panel fluorescent display shows clock time, tape counter (switchable to elapsed recording time counter), TV channel and programmed timer recording data, in addition to a cassette symbol and video mode indicator.

Other features

* Backspace Editing Function. When the pause mode is engaged while a recording is being made, the tape is backspaced. When recording is restarted, the resultant playback will show no distortion at the edit point.

* Automatic Pause/still release after 5 minutes. To protect the tape, heads, and vital components, the VCR will enter the stop mode after 5 minutes.

* Automatic channel lock mechanism. This prevents the selected channel from being altered during recording. In order to change channels, the VCR must first be put into the PAUSE or STOP modes.

* Full function wireless remote control. In addition to providing all tape recording and playback functions, the remote control also allows direct access to channel selection and "up/down" channel tuning.

* Built-in RF converter. The BR-3100U may be connected to any standard television receiver through the built RF unit. Playback is available through TV channels 3 or 4.

* 3-wire detachable AC power cord. The grounded power cable is the same type used with many other JVC Professional Video products. The safety of the grounded power system, along with the VCR's commercial-only designation are assurance that the BR-3100U is suitable for any institutional application.

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