MSRP: $7,999.00
The remarkable new GY-X2U is the world's first full-size S-VHS camcorder for professionals. Lightweight and ergonomically designed, it shoots up to two hours of continuous video without reloading. Naturally, when JVC offers enhanced convenience you get a lot more besides. By combining three 1/2" CCDs with revolutionary MICRO-LENS technology, resolution and sensitivity are nothing short of astonishing. And LOLUX technology means near perfect reproduction even when shooting at only 3 Lux. These, and a host of other powerful functions give more shooting options than ever to an operator in the field. The GY-X2U -- an exceptional camera from a remarkable company.

THREE 1/2-INCH CCDs The GY-X2U incorporates advanced 1/2" CCDs delivering 650 lines of horizontal resolution along with high sensitivity of F7 at 2,000 Lux. Precision innovative technology precisely aligns the three 1/2" CCD sensors to the F1.4 prism. And, sensitivity is exceptional thanks to JVC's MICRO-LENS technology. Also, with the new MICRO- LENSES the size of the light shield can be increased, reducing the amount of unwanted light entering the vertical shift registers, thus dramatically reducing smear. Innovative circuits further enhance performance to achieve an outstanding S/N ratio of 60dB at 0dB gain.

LOLUX 3 Lux LOLUX is a remarkable innovation that lets you shoot with almost no light. Now, you can capture superb pictures with excellent color balance at a mere 3 Lux illumination. A push of a button activates the LOLUX mode, which increases sensitivity with almost no increase in noise. Exceptionally high sensitivity of 3 Lux results from combining electronic gain boost and unique dual pixel readout technology.

QUICK RECORDING MODE Sometimes losing a few seconds can mean losing a shot. That's why JVC developed the Quick Record Mode. When turned on, the camera is set to the auto iris mode, even if the lens is set a manual. Also activated is Automatic Level Control (ALC) with Extended Electronic Iris (EEI) which provides both variable gain and variable shutter. Now you can shoot continuously from a dark hallway to the bright outdoors without the need to change gain, iris or ND filter. There is also a Full Time Auto White (FAW) circuit. which tracks color temperature automatically, so an operator can follow a subject moving from incandescent ta fluorescent to outdoor light without adjusting white balance or changing the filter wheel. Just point and shoot.

MULTI-ZONE IRIS WEIGHTING The Multi-Zone Iris weighting system features a new detection method that gives preference to objects at the central and lower portions of the picture. This provides highly accurate auto iris exposures under the full gamut of shooting conditions, even if a bright subject moves into the picture.

VARIABLE SCAN VIEW The Variable Scan View function allows flicker-free shooting of a CRT, even when the vertical scan rate is different from the camera's. Electronic shutter increments can be set over 305 steps from 1/60.2 sec. to 1/1966.7 sec.

EXTERNAL MICROPHONE Two external microphones can be easily connected to the GY-X2U via the two XLR connectors or one stereo microphone can be mounted via a 6-pin connector.

ELECTRONIC SHUTTER The GY-X2U offers a wide range of shutter settings covering all conceivable shooting conditions. Press the shutter speed button and the electronic shutter lets you select speeds from 1/100 to 1/2000 sec. Simply touch the NORMAL button to return to the standard speed of 1/60 sec.

VIEWFINDER STATUS OVERLAY The handy Viewfinder Status Overlay displays key information directly to the operator through the viewfinder, including audio levels, accumulated or remaining recording time, VCR operation, as well as battery voltage and camera setup parameters.

TRIPOD BASE The handy tripod base of the GY-X2U provides quick, secure attachment with a positive automatic locking mechanism. No separate locking lever is needed and release requires just a flip of a simple lever at the side.

ERGONOMIC DESIGN Excellent ergonomics was a key consideration in the GY-X2U design. The camera head is designed to be both lightweight and durable. The body itself is smoothly molded for improved "feel" so that the camcorder becomes a natural extension of the operator's body. Weight is also perfectly balanced. Naturally, all switches and controls are optimally located for easy finger-tip operation.

HI-FI STEREO SOUND With its rotary FM hi-fi audio heads, the GY-X2U delivers superb quality sound recording. There is greater dynamic range, enhanced frequency response, and improved wow and flutter. It also includes two linear audio channels with Dolby noise reduction. (Dolby noise reduction manufactured under license from Dolby Laboratories Licensing Corporation. "DOLBY" and the double-D symbol are trademarks of Dolby Laboratories Licensing Corporation.)

ROTARY ERASE HEADS AND ADVANCED EDITING FUNCTION Flying Erase Heads plus Advanced Editing Function (AEF) guarantee professional quality in-camera edits. This technology not commonly found on camcorders eliminates glitches, rainbows and color beats at the edit point. Flying erase heads also allow insert edit capability for clean in and out edit points. The Advanced Edit Function synchronizes the tape to the incoming video during a 1.5 second preroll. This guarantees field accurate editing eliminating the possibility of whip edits. For faster shooting, 0.5 second preroll is available.

EASY TO READ BACKLIT LCD PANEL Key information is displayed on an LCD display including lap time/tape counter, remaining tape time, audio levels, battery life, hour meter and other warning indications. The LCD is backlit for quick easy reading under all lighting conditions.

AUTO REVIEW FUNCTION With the Auto Review function you can quickly review the last two seconds of footage shot. Once the footage is played, the GY-X2U then re-enters the Record-Pause mode. There is also a handy safety feature. To protect the tape and video heads, the tape is unloaded and the unit enters the Stop mode if the Insert-Pause mode remains active for more than 10 minutes.

BUILT-IN SPEAKER The GY-X2U features an integrated speaker to monitor audio and warning signal during recording and review the sound-track.

INSERT EDITING FUNCTION The GY-X2U's easy-to-use insert-recording capability allows previously recorded video and Hi-Fi audio signals to be accurately replaced with new material.

RETAKE FUNCTION BY EDIT SEARCH The Retake Function allows you to check the recorded picture without leaving the Record-Pause mode. Simply decide the point where you want to start the next take, while checking the search picture at normal speed in either direction.

POWER SUPPLY For maximum versatility, the GY-X2U can be powered from either its internal battery pack or an AC supply via the optional AA-P250U AC Power Adapter. NB-G1U battery packs can be installed in seconds and give approximately 40 minutes continuous operating time. In addition, flat type batteries can be used.

AUTO EQ FUNCTION The Auto EQ Function records high and low frequency reference signals to assure optimum video resolution when played back on JVC professional VCRs. Automatic Level Up improves multi-generation chroma signal to noise ratio. This circuit, found only on JVC professional VCR's, records low level chroma signals at higher than normal level. During playback, the ACC circuit compresses the chroma back to its normal level. Tape noise is also compressed by the same amount, thus producing far less chroma noise.

OPTIONAL INTERNAL PLUG-IN TIME CODE GENERATOR To boost post-production efficiency and permit program-logging, we offer a plug-in Time Code Generator board (SA-R200U) as an option. Using it you can record SMPTE-standard, LTC or VITC time code. The board is internally mounted to save space and minimize weight. The sophisticated design means you can record additional data in user bits with an internal real-time clock.

BUILT-IN GENLOCK CIRCUIT The GY-X2U accepts composite video signals or black burst via the camera's GENLOCK INPUT. Genlocking then synchronizes multiple camera signals processed through an SEG for fades, mixes, wipes and other effects.

OTHER FEATURES * Rugged die-cast body * Y/C output connector * Earphone jack * Retake function with edit searching * Dual output system allows camera output to be connected directly to an external recorder * Safety zone indication available for the 16:9 screen format, in addition to the center mark on/off capability