MSRP: $1,285.00

The high resolution TK-1280U delivers accurate color reproduction under light conditions that leave other cameras in the dark. And rugged reliability, thanks to solid-state engineering, the TK-1280U is the ideal multi-purpose surveillance camera for tough operating conditions.


JVC's TK-1280U packs a high-technology punch with its high-powered 1.5 Lux on chip lens CCD and a S/N of just 50 dB (1000 Lux). That translates into outstanding color reproduction with virtually no image-distorting noise.

Featuring a 1/2" CCD with 768(H)x494(V) pixels with high horizontal resolution of 470 lines, the TK-1280U captures the smallest details with exceptional accuracy.

Incorporating JVC's New Color Gamma Circuit, the TK-1280U delivers lifelike color with shadow and highlights reproduced with linear precision. Subjects are sharply defined with no blurring, and, with a superior S/N of 50 dB, there is no interference to cloud the picture.

ELECTRONIC SHUTTER IRIS CONTROL SYSTEM The TK-1280U has advanced electronic shutter iris control for maximum versatility. With the iris fixed, the video level can be automatically controlled by changing the shutter speed (1/60 - 1/20000 sec.). So auto-iris is possible, even with an inexpensive lens without an iris. Composite (BNC) and Y/C video outputs (4-pin) Incorporation of composite (BNC) and Y/C separated video (4-pin) further enhances adaptability by offering a wide variety of applications. These allow easy connection to monitors and VCRs with no loss of color reproduction quality or precision.

12V DC OR 24V AC POWER OPERATION Flexible power supply requirements give users more freedom in selecting the ideal location for the TK-1280U, and lowers the installation cost.

WHITE BALANCE ADJUSTMENT Users will find the perfect white balance setting for operating conditions. Select from: TTL Auto: (2,850'K-7,000'K), Manual Control: (2,850'K-7,000'K), or Pre-Set (Indoor): 3,200'K.

BACK-LIGHT COMPENSATION At the touch of a switch. users can compensate for strong ambient back-light to ensure the subject is reproduced with crisp, clear precision.

C/CS-MOUNT LENS COMPATIBILITY C/CS-mount lens compatibility means JVC's surveillance cameras accept an extensive selection of lens options from the popular C-mount lenses to the newer CS mount lenses.

ELECTRONIC SHUTTER The electronic shutter can be synchronized to cope with a variety of applications. Settings include normal 1/60, 1/100, 1/125, 1/250, 1/500, 1/1000, 1/2000, 1/4000, 1 /10000 sec. What's more, full Genlock and AC Line lock are provided.

ENGINEERED FOR DURABILITY Rugged aluminum body and solid-state circuitry guarantee excellent durability when subjected to shock and vibration. Long maintenance-free life is assured.