MSRP: $2,000.00
With MiniDV and S-VHS recorders integrated in a single unit, the SR-VS20U provides a complete high-performance solution for editing MiniDV projects, finishing to S-VHS, or dubbing to or from either format. Easy integration with most NLE systems, convenient built-in editing features including automatic editing from MiniDV to Super VHS/VHS, plus outstanding picture quality, PCM digital audio, robust tape transport mechanism, and more make this powerful double deck today's most versatile video production tool.

Easy PC Connectivity and Non-Linear Editing Compatibility
Simplifies getting your video footage to your PC for non-linear editing (NLE), and once you're done editing, getting the final result back to video, whether MiniDV or S-VHS/VHS, is equally easy. i.Link (IEEE 1394 compliant) connectivity and tested compatibility with many major NLE systems* will put your editing suite into the digital age. * For compatible systems please consult an authorized JVC dealer.

MiniDV Format with DVCAM Playback Capability
The MiniDV deck allows direct playback of cassettes you've recorded on a MiniDV camcorder, without any cables to connect. Or you can connect a MiniDV camcorder to the SR-VS20U and make DV-to-DV edits of your footage. MiniDV is a format capable of up to 500 lines of horizontal resolution, and with extremely broad color bandwidth (approx. 3 times that of VHS) to deliver breathtaking colors. The SR-VS20U couples MiniDV quality with the convenience of a 2-in-1 VCR. In addition, since the Sony DVCAM format is compatible with MiniDV, you can use DVCAM recordings as source material and play them back on this VCR. DVCAM is a trademark of Sony Corporation.

One-Touch Dubbing (DV <--> S-VHS/VHS)
If you just want a straight dub and are short on time, just let the SR-VS20U dub the contents of the MiniDV tape over to S-VHS/VHS, or vice versa, at the touch of a single button.

64-Segment (8 programs x 8 sets) Random Assemble Editing (MiniDV --> S-VHS/VHS)
Random Assemble Editing lets you choose up to 8 segments at a time on the MiniDV tape, and at the touch of a button they're automatically copied over to S-VHS/VHS. And since up to 8 pre-set programs can be stored in memory, this function lets you keep the information of 64 segments (8 x 8) in the deck to make additional copies by simply calling up the program number.

High Resolution S-VHS Images
This high-band analog recording technology delivers more than 400 lines of horizontal resolution (60% more than conventional video) for quality that approaches digital. And like MiniDV, S-VHS recordings look great when viewed on the high-resolution large-screen projection screens or plasma monitors. Being an extension of the VHS video format, S-VHS allows recording and playback of conventional VHS as well, giving you the choice of dubbing from MiniDV to S-VHS for maximum quality, or from MiniDV to VHS for wider distribution.

S-VHS ET Recording
S-VHS ET (Expansion Technology) allows the broader-bandwidth S-VHS signal to be recorded on widely available VHS tapes (high grade recommended). So you can easily enjoy +60% better picture quality at the touch of a button. (Depending on tape quality, some noise may appear in EP mode.)

PCM Digital Audio (DV)
Digital recording delivers CD quality audio, with a choice of 2 modes -- 2-channel (16-bit linear, 48 kHz) for optimum quality and 4-channel (12-bit non-linear, 32 kHz) to allow stereo audio dubbing.

Hi-Fi VHS Stereo with MTS Decoder (S-VHS/VHS)
Hi-Fi VHS's broad dynamic range delivers powerful, cinema-like sound to maximize your video experience, while the built-in MTS decoder lets you record stereo and SAP TV broadcasts.