MSRP: $11.00
MDV63Pro is JVC's new 63 minutes high performance Professional DV videotape. While developing this tape, JVC has advanced DV tape manufacturing state of the art, implementing technical innovations that result in superior quality and durability:

OSS (Oxygen Supplement System)
Recently developed by JVC, Oxygen Supplement System technology increases the high frequency output to a level 20% greater than that of conventional tapes. In addition, the OSS innovation improves tracking stability during recording and playback in both LP and SP modes. Durability of the videotape is improved, as well. Overall, JVC's Oxygen Supplement System minimizes bit errors, ensuring fine picture quality, even under the most adverse conditions.

LAC (Lubricant Adsorption Control) and Advanced DLC (Diamond-Like Carbon) layers
LAC Technology and Advanced DLC layers greatly improve the durability of M-DV63PRO Videotape in the REC Pause or Still modes, significantly increasing long-term reliability, and permitting many more record-playback cycles over the life of the videotape.

Premium grade M-DV63PRO Videotape is produced following the most stringent quality control methods and proce-dures. Each tape is thoroughly evaluated and only those that pass the most rigorous and comprehensive inspection are selected to be M-DV63PRO Videotape Cassettes.

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