Versatile and easy to use, the VR-510U digital video recorder can record high-quality MPEG2 images in a variety of modes. Features like simultaneous recording and playback, pre/post sensor recording, alarm recording search function, quick/random access and convenient jog/shuttle control give you far more flexibility than is possible with a conventional video recorder. You'll be able to monitor previously recorded material without interrupting recording and pinpoint target images quickly. And since the front panel controls look and function in almost the same way as an ordinary VCR, you'll be able to start using it immediately. A built-in multiplexer interface makes it easy to incorporate this versatile unit in existing video surveillance systems.

High-quality MPEG2 picture recording
MPEG2 intra-frame compression allows recording of high-quality 720 x 480-pixel images. For more flexibility and extended recording, you can also select 360 x 240-pixel image recording.
Long-time recording
A wide range of recording qualities and speeds are available. For full details, refer to the table below.

Recording quality, recording speed and recording time (hours)

Mode 30 fps 15 fps 10 fps 5 fps 3 fps 2 fps 1 fps 1/2 fps 1/5 fps 1/10 fps
High 14 28 43 86 143 215 430 861 2,153 4,306
Norm 28 56 85 170 284 426 853 1,706 4,265 8,531
Basic 37 75 113 227 379 568 1,137 2,275 5,687 11,375
Low 56 113 170 340 568 852 1,704 3,408 8,520 17,041

Audio recording function
To support surveillance applications, high-quality audio using MPEG2 32K sampling is recorded together with pictures (excluding 1/5 fps and 1/10 fps recording modes). Audio recording is continuous even in interval recording.
Pre/post sensor recording
You can check material recorded both before and after alarm sensor input for anomalies. Pre sensor recording duration can be selected from 30 and 60 sec. Post sensor recording duration can be selected from 10/15/30/60/120 sec. and manual/tape end. For higher-density recording during an alarm condition, you can also select the recording speed to be used when an alarm signal is input.
Alarm recording
You can set the VR-510U to automatically enter a preset high-density recording mode whenever an alarm signal is input. The alarm recording duration can be selected from 10/15/30/60/120 sec. and manual/tape end.
Easy operation
With a front panel design similar to a VCR, the VR-510U offers users a familiar, easy-to-use interface. A jog/shuttle dial is provided for quick, easy image search.
Maintenance-free design
Unlike a VCR, the VR-510U has no heads to clean and no tapes to degrade, ensuring optimum quality image recording at all times.
A simultaneous recording and playback function lets you review any image sequences without interrupting recording. In addition to jog/shuttle search, versatile search functions include time/date search, alarm search and alarm/one touch hourly button search.
System flexibility
You can connect a PC to the recorder via an RS-232C interface for PC-controlled operation. Alternatively, you can use this interface to connect multiple VR-510Us in series.
The VR-510U can be connected to a multiplexer, allowing you to easily incorporate this recorder in your existing surveillance system.
Other features
  • Operation lock key
  • On-screen menu setting function
  • Timer recording