JVC's original D-ILA technology for unsurpassed image quality
JVC's D-ILA (direct Drive Image Light Amplifier) technology features a high-density, reflective liquid crystal structure that provides you with today's optimal combination of brightness, resolution, contrast and color for the big screen. Thanks to a 93% aperture ratio, it also provides the highest native resolution with the least visible pixels, making images as smooth and natural as film.
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High-resolution, film-like images
The DLA-G150CL incorporates three high-density 1.4 M-pixel (1,365 x 1,024 pixels) image reproduction devices that make it possible to project high-resolution images with a total of 4.2 M pixels. The result is stunning, silky smooth images comparable to 35-mm film. Even the super-sharp clar-ity of an SXGA (1,280 x 1,024 pixels) image can be reproduced faithfully on the big screen with none of the scaling or loss of quality typically associated with projection of high-resolution computer graphics and CAD/CAM images. With video resolution of 1000 TV lines, small text, char-acters, icons and cursors are clearly legible even at the corners of the projected image. Moreover the DLA-G150CL has input capability up to 105 kHz, making it compatible with resolution as high as UXGA (1,600 x 1,200 pixels). Further, D-ILA 1,365 x 1,024 resolution provides superior HDTV performance without sacrificing resolution when viewing either native 720P or 1080i sources.

Superb 600:1 contrast ratio
A super contrast ratio of 600:1 ensures that images are sharp and crisp with enhanced depth and superior clarity.

Professional D65 standard gray scale reproduction
With gray scale color tracking set to "D65" standard, source media can be faithfully reproduced with the same color gradations intended by the creator of the program. All color gradations are natural and consistent, including absolute black and absolute white so you'll enjoy superb, visually accurate reproduction of video, television, and DVD images. Even in dark scenes, subtle gradation differences can be clearly distinguished.

Four optional lenses for flexible application
With easy replacement of the lenses and power focus capability, this projector is versatile enough for a wide range of applications, ensuring high-resolution SXGA picture reproduction with minimized ghosting and flare under any conditions.

De-interlacer for more natural-looking images
A built-in de-interlacer cleans up interlaced TV artifacts to improve perceived vertical resolution of TV signals and make them appear smoother, eliminating annoying raster lines.

420 W Xenon lamp for natural color reproduction
As used in movie theaters, the Xenon lamp produces a more natural, color-stable light, enabling vivid, true-to-life color reproduction.

1000 ANSI lumens at 6500K
Brightness and color temperature are optimized for the best color repro-duction to bring true Movie Theater experience to your home.

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