MSRP: $7,995.00
The KY-F75 is a digital camera employing three 1/2-inch CCDs with 1.45 million effective pixels. It outputs signals with 1360 1024-pixel resolution. The camera has a built-in DSP for real-time processing of the video signal which is output as a 7.5 frames-per-second RGB digital signal. This enables real-time transfer to personal computer by means of a IEEE1394 host adapter. A built-in IEEE1394 connector enables remote control from personal computer using supplied software. Employment of 1/2-inch C-mount optical system enables connection to various types of optical devices.

Recording in the near-infrared region can be accomplished by replacing the optical filter (sold separately.)

The KY-F75 can be remote-controlled from a personal computer, and the live image can be shown on the computer monitor. Still images can be captured on the PC. The following is an example of a system using lenses (other than the motorized lens.)

Here is an example of a system using the motorized lens:

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