MSRP: $3,495.00
Flexible, high-quality MPEG-4 codec
The DM-NC40 is a high quality video and audio codec with bit rates up to 2 Mbps, standard resolution up to 352x240* and frame rates up to 30 fps.**
* DM-NC40U: 352 x 240/DM-NC40E: 352 x 288
** DM-NC40U: 30fps/DM-NC40E: 25fps

Built in decoder -- standard!
DM-NC40's built-in decoder allows you to use the same streaming device for bi-directional teleconferencing and interactive security applications. Connect to a monitor, flat-panel display, or projector for viewing. You can connect external devices. Couple this with the bi-directional data path and trigger outputs, you can control video switchers, pan-tilt-zoom cameras.

ISMA (Internet Streaming Media Alliance) streaming
ISMA compliance assures operation with all devices that meet this new industry standard, including major players and platforms
*ISMA compliant plug-in may be required.

JPEG Image Recording*
Record high resolution (704 x 480**) motion JPEG images to CompactFlash card. Trigger recording from any of the four alarm inputs or from the front panel. A built-in buffer even allows pre-alarm recording.
* Available in Camera Mode
** DM-NC40U: 704 x 480, 640 x 480/DM-NC40E: 704 x 576

Decode and capture software for DM-NC40
In addition to using most popular media players, software available from JVC allows you to display and capture the streaming video from the DM-NC40 on your PC.

Unicast and multicast transmission allows unlimited users to "tune-in" to a single stream, virtually eliminating LAN congestion
Reach more clients reflecting the video stream through a server. Compatible with major servers for "reflecting" your unicast or multicast stream. Reach more people and increase flexibility. Multicast transmission requires a multicast-ready network (IGMPv2).

Easy operation & maintenance
  • A built-in Web Server allows easy system configuration using your favorite Web Browser over an IP network. In addition, Telnet or API setup is available.
  • Once configured using any computer connected to a network, the DM-NC40 does not require any further intervention. Just connect to a network, add audio, video and power, and you?re streaming!
  • Upgradable -- Use the DM-NC40's built-in CompactFlash slot for upgrades in the field.

Alarm input / TTL level output
Four alarm inputs can trigger video capture or automatic remote connections. Using a Web Browser, remotely control up to eight, 5- volt trigger outputs.

RS232/485 data path
Two transparent, bi-directional RS232/485 data paths for remote control of external equipment.

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