NTSC/PAL recording and playback

Switch between NTSC or PAL as required. This makes it easy to work with internationally sourced material and transfer it to a non-linear system for editing. You can also record to Standard or Mini DV tape in either NTSC or PAL system. (Note: This VTR cannot be used as an NTSC/PAL converter. It can record and play back signals in both NTSC and PAL formats.

IEEE1394, Component, Y/C and composite input/output

The BR-DV6000U(B) is equipped with an industry standard DV (Firewire) connection that allows recordings to be transferred to and from a wide variety of other digital systems, including popular non-linear editing systems. Dubbing can be performed with another DV deck or camcorder with no loss in audio or video fidelity.
In addition to DV input/output, this BR-DV6000U(B) DV VTR is equipped with Y/C,composite and component input/outputs, allowing it to be used in combination with video sources of virtually any format. The DV6000 can serve as digital/anlog interface for legacy analog devices like an S-VHS or Betacam recorder.

DVCAMTM playback capability

DVCAMTM recordings can be played back directly on the BR-DV6000U(B). This makes it easy to use DVCAMTM recordings as source material for editing.

Advanced Digital Error Correction

A new, advanced Digital Automatic Error Correction (DAEC) circuit allows the BR-DV6000U(B) to playback all kinds of DV and DVCAM tapes?even those that are out of spec due to worn heads or mis-aligned camcorders.

Optional Serial Digital Interface (SDI)

The BR-DV6000U(B) DV recorder/player features an optional SA-X65U card that provides SDI output including two-channel embedded audio and a separate AES/EBU output. This provides connectivity to a wide range of broadcast and professional editing systems that use uncompressed digital signals.

RS-422 interface

The BR-DV6000U(B) is equipped with an industry-standard RS-422 interface, allowing for connection to a wide range of external components.

JVC bus interface

Compatible with the RM-G800 remote controller for JVC's popular S-VHS Edit-Desk series, this interface allows analog signals to be transferred from this VTR to the S-VHS VCR for editing or dubbing.

Optional RS-232C interface (SA-K46U)

Use this interface to connect directly to a PC for computer-controlled operation.

Optional professional-standard XLR balanced audio boards

High-performance XLR balanced audio connectors are optionally available to ensure professional-standard audio reception and transmission quality. Either the input or output board can be used. Both boards cannot be used simultaneously.

Insert/assemble editing

The BR-DV6000U(B) is equipped with basic editing functions such as audio/video insert and assemble editing. Video signals and/or audio signals (CH1 and CH2) can be assembled or inserted. A capstan bump function is also provided for frame editing with enhanced quality.

Audio dubbing (with 12-bit, 32 kHz audio)

Audio dubbing is available with any configuration and allows you to add a new soundtrack (such as narrative or music) to the CH3 and CH4 audio channels without affecting either the original video track or the existing 32 kHz CH1 and CH2 audio tracks.

Wireless/wired remote control

Connecting the optional RM-G30 controller to the REMOTE connector enables you to control BR-DV6000U(B) operations from a distance. There's also a wireless remote control that provides control over field advance (1st/2nd), frame advance, menu display, audio reference level selection (-20 dB or -12 dB), color bar display and blank search, as well as in addition to basic operations.

Time Code ReGenerator, 20x high-speed search

The built-in time code generator provides preset (rec run) and regene time codes. In combination with the 20x search function (100x max. in the FF or REW mode), this provides super-fast access to any target point on the tape with visible pictures. With blank search, it's easy to cue up to a non-recorded portion of the tape.

2.5" Color LCD Monitor

The hi resolution 2.5" color LCD display on the front panel provides monitoring and editing convenience. Video plus data including Time Code, audio level meter, menu setting, and mode are shown.
Other features:
  • Index search
  • Blank search
  • Lock audio (16-bit, 48-kHz only)
  • External timer
  • Time code input/output
  • External sync in
  • Contact closure recording
  • +/- 1/3 noiseless slow motion
  • Variable speed search
  • 7.5 IRE setup (on/off)
DVCAMTM is a trademark of Sony Corporation.

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