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These firmware updates are for our various hardware products.  The JVC firmware updates are found on our FTP site.

Firmware updates for non-JVC hardware products are not on the JVC FTP site.

If you are not sure what firmware is, read below, for a general definition.

The chart below shows CD-Recorders by JVC Digital Storage Systems, along with the current firmwarerevision for that model drive:

CD-R Model Number Firmware Revision
JVC XR-W2001 Revision A * 235S
JVC XR-W2001 Revision B ** 2.35
JVC XR-W2010 and XR-W2012 1.51
JVC XR-W2020 and XR-W2022 2.05
JVC XR-W2040 1.12
JVC XR-W2042 1.12
JVC XR-W2080 (ATAPI) 2.06
JVC XR-W2082 (ATAPI) 2.06
Teac CD-R50S and CD-R55S Teac Support Site

* The XR-W2001 Revision A will not have aCD-R logo on the front bezel of the CD-Recorder.
** The XR-W2001 Revision B will have a CD-R logo on the front bezel of the CD-Recorder, located to the upper-left of the emergency eject pin-hole.
What is Firmware?
Firmware is programming that is inserted into programmable read-only memory (PROM), thus becoming a permanent part of a computing device. Firmware is created and tested like software (using microcode simulation).  When ready, it can be distributed like other software and, using a special user interface, installed in the programmable read-only memory by the user. Firmware is sometimes distributed for printers, modems, and other computer devices.