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Loaner Program for Transportable D-ILA Projectors

JVC product is known throughout the industry for it’s outstanding quality and performance. JVC supports its product with comparable service. The E-Z Link SM Program has been developed to provide an additional level of support in the event that you require service for your transportable JVC D-ILA Projector. This Program ensures that any down time will be minimized or eliminated so that your projects can continue uninterrupted.

Program Mission:

JVC will provide you with a Loaner Projector by next business day if your transportable D-ILA Projector requires service during the first year of warranty.

What You Do:
  • Call (800) 526-5308 x 5302 to contact our D-ILA Service Administrator.

  • Provide Proof of Purchase of your D-ILA product.

  • Authorize the JVC Loaner Agreement and provide Credit Card information.

  • Forward your D-ILA unit to the JVC Regional Service Center in Cypress CA.

What We Do:
  • JVC will ship a D-ILA Loaner to you by next business day. Shipping costs both ways are paid by JVC.

Models Covered:
The following transportable models currently qualify during the first year of their warranty:

Program Extensions:
Extensions of this program to cover the second and third year of product warranty are available at attractive rates.

Terms and Conditions:
  • Loaner is available to Customer only while Customer's JVC D-ILA product is being serviced by a JVC Regional Service Office.<

  • Loaner is available to Customer only during first year of warranty of Customer's D-ILA product unless extended coverage is purchased.

  • To ensure next business day delivery, Customer requesting Loaner must contact the JVC D-ILA Service Administrator by 12:00pm EST.

  • This program does not cover product requiring Lamp replacement.

  • Loaner model may not be same as Customer's model.

  • Customer's Rental, Demo, or Refurbished products are not covered under this program.

  • Loaner product is secured by Customer&'s Credit Card.

  • Customer subject to fee if Loaner is not returned on schedule or damaged.

  • Customer&'s acceptance of this Program is subject to JVC approval.

  • This Program available only in the contiguous U.S.A.

  • The Program is subject to product availability.

  • Terms and Conditions subject to change without notice.

  • Other Terms and Conditions may apply. Call for further information.

For Further Information: Call (800) 526-5308 x 5302 to contact the JVC D-ILA Service Administrator.

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