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VGP Optimization Procedure ForJVC DILA Projectors

To Enhance Digital Cinema, Home Theatre, And Video Presentations
Using VGP-Video Gamma Profile

JVC Service & Engineering Company offers an optimization procedure for DILA projectors, which enhances the video output to provide the optimum viewing experience for the Digital Cinema, Home Theatre, or Video Presentation market.

This VGP (Video Gamma Profile) procedure was developed by the JVC Digital Image Center (JDT) and conforms to SMPTE 240M specifications. This enhancement optimizes the projector for video usage and has different characteristics from the graphics based setup used by the factory. It has been demonstrated with great success at major trade shows including NAB 2000, INFOCOMM 2000, CEDIA, and PHOTOKINA.

The following are the key points to the VGP optimization:
  • All major adjustments are set to SMPTE 240M.
  • DILA bias points set to improve black level.
  • Color temperature set to D65 at all levels including black (0 video).
  • Maximum contrast set in all three colors while maintaining D65 color temperature.
  • Maximum light output set while maintaining D65 color temperature
  • Gamma Profile (y = 2.2) is set to SMPTE 240M specifications.
  • Digital gamma control points (x-values) set to non-linear distribution. More points are moved into the blacks (2, 4, 6, 8, 10% video levels) and at inflection points and less points in the linear areas. This enhanced "Black Stretch" improves black level detail and increases Average Picture Level (APL), which is essential to Home Theatre viewing.
  • Balance 8-bar gain and offset to minimize "vertical stripe" effect.
  • Shading is adjusted but not guaranteed (due to limited adjustments available).
  • Calibration sticker is placed on unit to verify Video Calibration.

  1. Setting up to D65 may reduce your total light output from graphics mode. D65 requires a specific mix of red, green, and blue light that is different from the color temperature used in the graphics mode.
  2. This procedure is available for the following transportable models only:
    DLA-G10, DLA-S10, DLA-G11, DLA-G15, DLA-M15, DLA-C15, DLA-G20, DLA-M20
  3. Procedure warranted for 30 days.

To Request The VGP Optimization Procedure:

Call: (800) 526-5308 x 5302.

Please have the following information available:
  • Projector Model
  • Serial Number
  • The Projector mounting orientation (right-side up or up-side down).
  • Your name, address, and phone number

You will be provided with an RA# and directed where to forward your projector for installation of the VGP procedure.

VGP Procedure Cost: $550
  • Customer responsible for shipping cost to JVC facility andreturn shipping cost.
  • Payable by Credit Card: MC or VISA.
  • Price subject to change without notice.

  1. The VGP procedure is warranted for 30 days.
  2. Projector must be in good working order before the VGP procedure can be installed.
  3. In the unusual case that you experience a failure of your VGP optimized projector in the future, it must be returned to a JVC Regional Support Center for repair.
  4. Please contact the JVC DILA Service Administrator at (800) 526-5308 x 5302 if you have any questions regarding the VGP optimization process for your DILA projector.

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