Accessory Description List Price
  BR-DE800 Premium HD/SD decoder for IP stream $2,200.00
  DT-X71HP ProHD 7-inch portable HD-SDI monitor $1,280.00
  DT-X73F ProHD 7-INCH LCD VF MONITOR $1,725.00
  RM-LP100U Remote camera controller and CCU $2,130.00
  TK-3402U16P ProTalk 5-Watt 16-Channel Portable Radio $320.00
  AA-S3602I 2 Channel Battery Charger $295.00
  ACE-LMSCF ACE-L Mid-spreader tripod and fluid head $1,350.00
  ACE-LTT752CF ACE-L tripod and fluid head $1,650.00
  BN-S8I50 7.2V Battery $220.00
  CTC-100B/SR Travel Camera Case / Camera Strap $325.00
  CTC200B Soft carry case for handheld camcorders. $210.00
  D-1 DOLLY - LIGHT DUTY w/66 LB. PAYLOAD $145.00
  D-3 DOLLY - HEAVY DUTY w/110 LB. PAYLOAD $240.00
  HD65U Hawking USB Wi-Fi Network Adapter $85.00
  HZ-HM600VZR Remote lens control $375.00
  I-705DX 2-stage Tripod (11lb. Payload) $350.00
  J-805MX Single stage Tripod (11lb. Payload) $440.00
  LC-2J Dual Charger $225.00
  P-22MX 2-stage Tripod (13 lb. Payload) $700.00
  SAK-LCD7 Viewfinder bracket $225.00
  SSL-JVC50 7.4V Battery $195.00
  SSL-JVC75 7.4V/7.35Ah Battery $250.00
  TC-400-JVC650 Quad battery charger $1,000.00
  TC-400-JVC650-TDM Quad battery charger w/charge-discharge-charge cycle) $1,200.00
  TC200JVC600 Dual Turbo Charger for SSL-JVC50/JVC75 IDX batteries $600.00
  TC200JVC600TDM Dual Turbo Charger for SSL-JVC50/JVC75 IDX batteries (w/discharge feature) $800.00

Discontinued Model.

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