What is a disk recorder?
What is DR-DV5000?
What disk drives will work with the DR-DV5000?
Why do I want removable hard drives?
What is retro disk recording?
What about MXF format or other new formats that may evolve?
What is retro loop recording?
What stops the disk drive from skipping?
What shock protection does DR-DV5000 feature?
What is the difference between FireStore DR-DV5000 and FireStore FS-3?

Q: What is a disk recorder?

A: A disk recorder allows the videographers the ability to record on a hard disk just as if it was a tape. In more sophisticated disk recorders such as those with DTE like all FireStore models, you can record on tape and disk at the same time. These models will even record in a file format that most NLE systems require thereby eliminating hours of capturing, improving workflow tremendously. The FireStore family is designed to co-exist with tape as many professionals make the transition from tape to disk recording.

Q: What is DR-DV5000?

A: DR-DV5000 is a camera mounted disk recorder. It uses a removable hard drive for cost effectiveness and flexibility. Incorporating DTE technology workflow at the NLE station speeds up the process by eliminating all capturing. Capitalizing on JVC’s GY-DV5000/DV5100 unique rear connection port the DR-DV5000 communicates without the need for any external cables. This connection allows for greater visibility of information in the viewfinder plus with both 232 and AV/C control many exclusive functions are available.

Q: What disk drives will work with the Dr-DV5000?

A: The FS-HDD1 is the only approved drive for the DR-DV5000. This drive is available from JVC or directly from Focus Enhancements online store. This drive has been specifically designed to work with the demands of both video transfer speeds as well being able to match the performance of today’s high performance computers.

Q: Why do I want removable hard drives?

A: Simply put this is to your advantage for both cost and flexibility. Disk recorders with built in Hard drives require the entire unit be used together. With the DR-DV5000 the drive is removed from the core unit and connected to the computer for the editor to use. Another drive can be inserted into the DR-DV5000 so the videographers can continue to shoot. You can also choose the size of drive that suits your needs. There will be 20-40-60- & 80 gig drives available. As drive performance standards improve and cost goes down DR-DV5000 users can take advantage.

Q: What is retro disk recording?

A: This is perfect for remote cameras that can be left recording continuously for security scientific or sports uses. Once an event happens, there is ample time for the operator to get to the camera Same as retro record except now the DR-DV5000 uses the hard disk to buffer longer record times.

Q: What about MXF format or other new formats that may evolve?

A: One extremely powerful feature of the DR-DV5000 over other systems is that it is field upgradeable. MXF or other future looking formats can be placed on the Focus Enhancements’ web site for any who need to download. The DR-DV5000 is protected against obsolescence because of its ability to be upgraded easily in the field.

Q: What is retro loop recording?

A: This is perfect for waiting for an event to happen. Never miss something sudden DR-DV5000 can be set up to be always recording. It records 10 seconds to cache memory. Hit the record buttons and the 10 seconds is added to the beginning.

Q: What stops the disk drive from skipping?

A: The DR-DV5000 has a built in cache recording mechanism. This allows for the DR-DV5000 to handle both low and high frequency jolts without dropping a frame.

Q: What shock protection does DR-DV5000 feature?

A: The DR-DV5000 has a number of features to prevent disk errors or file errors when used in high shock environments. The removable FSHDD-1 FireWire disk drive was designed to mount directly into the DR-DV5000 device. The actual hard drive inside of the FSHDD-1 is a 2 1/2” IDE drive featuring an 8MB cache and a rotational speed of 5400RPM. This drive is the same as that used in high performance laptop computers and is of a robust design. This drive also features a sorbethane shock strip that acts to reduce the effects of high and low frequency shock on the drive itself.
Additionally, DR-DV5000 features a 10 second RAM based cache (which is shared with DR-DV5000’s RETRO CACHE feature), that allows up to 10 seconds of video to be cached or buffered to DR-DV5000 in the unlikely event of an interrupt in recording to disk. After disk drive recovery (which is usually a matter of milliseconds), the cached video will be recorded to the drive without interruption or damage to the existing clip. This sequence is done without any effort from the user. In the unlikely event that an interruption in recording does occur, DR-DV5000 features a check disk and clip repair function which allows the user to search for and repair problems with the disk or any recorded clips. This insures the highest level of data integrity.

Q: What is the difference between FireStore DR-DV5000 and FireStore FS-3?

A: FireStore DR-DV5000 was designed specifically for the JVC full size DV camcorders, and in particular, the GY-DV5000/DV5100 series camcorder. Unique features to the DR-DV5000 when used with a GY-DV5000 or GY-DV5100 camcorder include:
Dump to Disk and Dump to Tape – allows video to be automatically transferred between camcorder tape transport and DR-DV5000 disk drive.
Series Record – When the camcorder’s tape runs out, DR-DV5000 automatically begins recording to disk.
Split Slave Mode – Allows control of DR-DV5000 from camcorder but separate to the camcorders tape transport.
Unique 52-pin “Cable-less” Connection – DR-DV5000 connects to the GY-DV5000/DV5100 series camcorder via a unique and integrated 52-pin connector. Audio, video, power, control and status are passed via this connector eliminating the need for any external cables.
Camcorder Viewfinder/LCD Status – Complete disk recorder status information is displayed in the camera's viewfinder.
Combined Power Management – Power management of DR-DV5000 is handled by the camcorder preventing accidental shut down during recordings.
Additionally, DR-DV5000 features the wired and wireless remote controllers as standard as well as a plate for mounting to JVC GY-DV500/-500/-700 series camcorders.
FS-3 comes configured for direct mount to Anton/Bauer, V-Mount (Sony/IDX) or NP battery systems.

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