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 Two New Production Modules—an MPEG-4 encoder and hard disk recorder—make the GY-DV5000 a powerful production and post-production tool in one.

WAYNE, NJ (February 5, 2003) - JVC PROFESSIONAL PRODUCTS COMPANY today announced two new production modules that take the industry's leading 3-CCD professional camcorder—the GY-DV5000—to the next level.

Modular Components Ensure the Camera Stays on the Cutting Edge
Designed to meet the constantly-evolving needs of professional broadcasters, digital filmmakers, event videographers, and Webcasters, the GY-DV5000U was developed as a camcorder with outstanding features and performance that exceeds its competitors.  Most importantly, the camera offers an open architecture, allowing it to utilize the latest digital video technology by using small, modular components that attach to its 52-pin data bus digital port between the camcorder and the battery pack.

Keeping true to the original promise of the GY-DV5000U, JVC is rolling out the first two modules. These modules provide capabilities that shatter the conventional way of shooting and editing video, which, after the video shoot, demanded the time-consuming tasks of creating detailed scene logs, digitizing the desired scenes, and, finally, editing.

Now, using the GY-DV5000U and either of its two companion modules dramatically reduce the time needed for post-production by creating a clip log automatically in MPEG-4, or video can be digitally recorded in a variety of native linear editing (NLE) formats.  So users will never need to manually log their tapes, or spool their tapes ever again—saving untold hours of editing time!

Hard Disk Recorder DR-DV5000 Streamlines the Post-Production Process
Demonstrating remarkable flexibility and convenience, the DR-DV5000 records the DV signal onto a user removable, standard 2.5” compact hard disk. An 80G hard drive will deliver over 6½ hours of digital recording time, offering extraordinary flexibility, particularly when used in the field.  Most remarkably, the DR-DV5000 can be pre-configured by the user to record in the native file format of any major non-linear editor (NLE), including: Avid OMF-DV, QuickTime-DV, RawDV, AVI Type 1-DV, AVI Type 2-DV, AVI Type 2C-DV, and Matrox AVI-DV.  This way, once field shooting is complete, the hard disk can be “plugged” directly into the NLE making the footage instantly available with no spooling necessary prior to editing.  This way, customers can save time and money by shooting in an edit-ready format. Typically this will save over 300 hours per year. 

In addition, when recording to tape, a user can utilize the DR-DV-5000 for automatic digital back-up recording, eliminating any chance of losing critical footage.

The DR-DV5000 is fully integrated with the GY-5000U, providing extensive status information and plays back through the viewfinder and LCD display.

The DR-DV5000 was co-developed by JVC and Focus Enhancements, Inc., Campbell, CA.

MPEG 4 Encoder Module Provides Web Streaming and Memory-Card Recording
Following in the footsteps of the GY-DV300U Streamcorder, the GY-DV5000U encodes MPEG-4 files in real-time using the KA-DV5000U MPEG-4 pack.  For traditional production work, the KA-DV5000U boasts a feature called “Scene Capture” which automatically stores a scene log containing an MPEG-4 video clip and the start and end time code locations of each recorded scene on the tape into a CF memory card.  Bundled software named Scene Viewer displays the time codes and the MPEG-4 video clips as well as the time codes corresponding to all the scenes recorded on the DV videotape. The MPEG-4 clips can then be viewed and managed on a personal computer. MPEG-4 clips can be rearranged into a mini-edit decision list, marked as good, or deleted, or e-mailed to a client without further hardware or special software. The Scene capture software is a very important productivity enhancement as it allows management of multiple source tapes reducing the time and HDD space required for digitizing

The KA-DV5000U has a built-in unicast server for Web streaming. Up to ten clients can connect directly to the camera using a simple Media Player.  The KA-DV5000  also has a built-in Web Server that allows controlling the camera, viewing and/or capturing a video stream remotely just using a Navigator. The KA-DV5000U is compatible with a wired/wireless LAN, and streams video in real-time, making it ideal for Webcasts, live news broadcasts and special events. There is no intermediate software necessary to stream, using a direct connection from Windows Media Player.

“In an increasingly computer centric world, the KA-DV5000 and the DR-DV5000 modules deliver real time- productivity enhancements and cost-saving results that eliminates the barriers between video production and multimedia content delivery,” states Juan Martinez, product marketing manager for JVC PROFESSIONAL PRODUCTS COMPANY.  “Consider the scenario of a documentary journalist who could use the KA-DV5000’s Scene Capture feature to create a detailed edit outline for an entire project  in the field just using a PC. We’re talking about cutting post-production time in half!” 

The GY-DV5000: A Professional DV Camcorder for Today…And Tomorrow
Hitting the market in November of 2002, the GY-DV5000U [more info] Professional full or miniDV Camcorder is a shoulder-mounted camera with outstanding highlight handling, future-proofed modular architecture, extreme low-light sensitivity and revolutionary features to ease the workload of today’s video professionals. The GY-DV5000U is one of three new full-size and MiniDV cassette compatible Professional DV products.

Using three ½-inch CCDs with micro-lenses and spatial offset, the GY-DV5000U offers high-end picture quality with more than 800 lines of horizontal resolution and refined user controls at a fraction of the price of traditional broadcast or studio cameras. The camera quality is made possible by 12-bit analog-to-digital (A/D) conversion and 24-bit digital signal processing.

JVC's 12-bit A/D conversion provides more dynamic range between bright and dark scenes as well as superior gamma correction. As a result, the camera can process 400 percent of the normal video signal and accurately reproduce colors with fine details normally lost on cameras in this price range. The GY-DV5000U leads the industry in low light performance with a sensitivity of F:13 at 2000 lux. The camera will produce 100 percent video at 0.4 lux.

The 24-bit digital signal processing allows for many advanced features and further aids in the accuracy of reproduction. An advanced Auto Knee and Highlight Chroma function provides color details in very bright areas that are normally washed out. Users are given the ability to stretch the dark portion of the image bringing out more detail in shadow areas, or compress blacks to make an image with more contrast. Users can control the color matrix (four settings) and gamma (20 steps) to customize the look of their individual camera. The GY-DV5000U can be made to match other cameras, or even look like film using built-in settings. JVC also developed a tri-mode LCD display giving the user the choice of video, data or superimposed data.

"When we launched the GY-DV5000 in late 2002, we promised that it would set a new standard for professional camcorders.  These two new modules deliver on that promise, and then some," states Robert Mueller, executive vice president of JVC PROFESSIONAL PRODUCTS COMPANY.


JVC PROFESSIONAL PRODUCTS COMPANY, located in Wayne, New Jersey, distributes a complete line of broadcast and professional equipment. For more information about this, or any other JVC professional products, contact JVC at (800)582-5825; or visit JVC Web site at


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