The DR-DV5000 is designed to mount directly to your GY-DV5000U or GY-DV5100U and turn it into a DV disk camcorder. With DR-DV5000, it is possible to shoot video directly to disk, or simultaneously to tape and disk. It writes files to removable FireWire hard disks in an "edit-ready" file format. Using this method, disks recorded with the DR-DV5000 can be connected to any DV-based NLE computer system--either while still mounted on the camera, or separately. Clips can be imported directly into the NLE timeline and used immediately. No capturing. No file transfer. No rendering!

Connects directly to your DV-5000/5100
The DR-DV5000 has been designed specifically to connect to your GY-DV5000U or GY-DV5100U. The module sits between the rear of the camcorder and the battery. One battery will power the camcorder, module, and FireWire disk drive. I/O between the DV-5000 and the DR-DV5000 is done via a 26 pin connector which passes video, audio, timecode and control information.

Easy, uncomplicated operation
The DR-DV5000 is tightly integrated with your camcorder. You control the record and pause of the disk drive with your camera trigger, just as you would your videotape. Disk drive status and other information appears in your viewfinder. Timecode generated by your camcorder is recorded onto the hard disk, so the codes on the disk and tape recordings will match.

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