A masterpiece of miniaturization, the 3-CCD KY-F55BU delivers 750 lines of horizontal resolution and 480 lines of vertical resolution with highly accurate color reproduction. Featuring an RS-232C remote computer control capability, the camera is ideal for automated processes, whether in a manufacturing facility, warehouse, or laboratory.

NEW CCD The KY-F55BU incorporates three high-density 1/3 inch Interline Transfer CCDs packed with 380,000 pixels. Supported by the latest high-precision bonding technology and innovative circuitry, the CCDs deliver a remarkable 750 lines of horizontal resolution with a S/N ratio of 60 d8. Featuring the latest micro lens technology, these super sensitive CCDs also produce an impressive F5.6 at 2000 lux, 0 d8 gain. Together, that adds up to high-quality, high- resolution pictures that capture every detail, no matter how small, whether in the factory or in the laboratory.

C-MOUNT COMPATIBILITY The high-precision mounting technology that paved the way for the KY-F55BU's high-density CCD also led to the development of a remarkable new prism-mode C-mount, and let JVC build an ultra- compact camera. The C-mount is a universal lens specification widely used by optical instruments and film cameras. But, until now, the length of the optical path made application to 3-CCD cameras impractical. JVC's creative solution adopts highly refractive optical glass and the latest optical technologies. Now, users can mount high-quality C-mount lenses such as JVC's HZ-610MDU motorized zoom lens -a key component for a remote controlled camera configuration.

RANDOM TRIGGER With the random trigger function activated, the KY-F55BU collects images in response to an external trigger signal transmitted with random timing. That means the camera, when hooked up to a sensor, can capture an image of a specific part of a moving item, even on a fast moving production line. Supported by a built-in, high-speed shutter the function allows accurate image processing of rapidly moving objects.

SLOW SHUTTER The slow shutter mode was engineered in response to applications such as collecting images for photomicrographs. The KY-F55BU stores images in the CCD, making it possible to shoot static images for a long periods with sensitivity increased 90 times.

HIGH-RESOLUTION MODE For special applications, operators can switch the camera from normal to high-resolution mode, in which vertical resolution is enhanced 1.4 times to approximately 480 lines. Normal mode delivers field storage, whereas the high-resolution mode features frame storage and individually read lines. High resolution is ideal for shooting tiny alphabetic and densely detailed graphics, or small components on production lines.

VARIABLE SPEED ELECTRONIC SHUTTER Shutter speed is adjustable up to 1/2,000 and can be set in small steps with the Variable Scan function. That makes the camera ideal for special laboratory and industrial applications, such as shooting high-speed motion analysis and images on computer monitors. Setting the shutter to 1/100 sec. eliminates distracting flicker when shooting under 50 Hz fluorescent lighting.

COMPACT AND LIGHTWEIGHT At just 1.1 Ibs., the KY-F55BU, with its high-technology 1/3" CCD and C-mount prism, is a remarkably lightweight camera. That, coupled with exceptionally compact dimensions, opens the door to a broad range of applications.

SMPTE TYPE COLOR BAR GENERATOR The KY-F55BU incorporates a SMPTE Type Color Bar Generator, which is a handy tool for fine-tuning system monitors and reproducing color and brightness reference signals with recording systems.

FULL-TIME AUTO/MANUAL WHITE BALANCE AND TWO AUTO WHITE MEMORIES The full-time Auto White function analyzes the color temperature of a light source, then continuously makes corrections to assure perfectly tracking real-time white balance over a wide range of changing lighting conditions. Red and Blue Gain can also be adjusted manually. Two memory positions let users input and recall settings for specific applications.

ENHANCED AUTOMATIC LEVEL CONTROL (ALC) WITH (EEI) The new Enhanced ALC mode allows continuous automatic shooting in all light levels, without the need to suddenly switch gain setting or insert an ND filter. For example, when shooting dark areas, after the iris has opened fully, the gain will automatically increase just enough to achieve proper video. Then during the bright daylight, the Extended Electronic Iris (EEI) is engaged which provides a continuously variable shutter so there is no need for an ND filter. The result is continuous automatic shooting from dark to bright daylight without any interruption of the picture or by a camera operator.

WIDE RANGE OF VIDEO OUTPUTS To ensure the widest range of applications, the KY-F55BU outputs composite video, Y/C, RGB, and composite sync signals. The RGB output supports computer graphic, motion analysis, video microscope, and other image processing applications.

AUTO INTERNAL SYNC/EXTERNAL SYNC SWITCHING The KY-F55BU has an automatic internal sync/external sync switching system. This is useful when switching camera images in multi-camera systems or when upgrading systems.

FLEXIBLE CAMERA MOUNTINGS The KY-F55BU can be mounted on a tripod stand, bracket, or pan/tilt unit. A camera mounting plate is provided for ceiling installations and other setups requiring top-of-camera mounting.

RS-232C INTERFACE CAPABILITY The camera features an RS-232C interface, so it can be controlled by a personal computer for image processing.

DYNAMIC SHADING CORRECTION The sophisticated dynamic shading function reduces color shading at the upper and lower parts of an image. The result is a consistently top-quality image whether at the center or the periphery.

RM-LP55U REMOTE CONTROL Setup Menu Function With the RM-LP55U, you can command all camera functions from a remote location. Using the handy Setup Menu Function, inputting camera settings on the LCD menu couldn't be simpler. It takes only seconds to set the eight menu items: Camera Mode, Contour Detail Mode, SC Fine Coarse, H. Phase, Gamma ON/OFF, Auto Iris Detection Mode, Title Display, and Title Edit. The display is also backlit, making it easy to operate under all lighting conditions. Data transferred with the remote control to the camera stays in the camera even if the remote control is disconnected.

"SCENE FILE" FUNCTION The RM-LP55U has a memory for storing two sets of camera set-up, which can be readily called up and applied directly to the connected camera.