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Perfect Experience Statement

The importance of Superior Brand Performance to JVC is evident in the way we design, manufacture and support our products. JVC strives to create truly moving experiences and provide total satisfaction for our customers. Using our superior technologies to create new products, JVC promises to:

  • Inspire people
  • Expand the possibilities for creative expression
  • Provide customers with the potential for personal enrichment
  • Provide customers with a lifetime of satisfaction.

The warranty terms accompanying new JVC Professional products are a highly valuable part of the JVC Professional ownership experience. Reinforcing JVC's product warranty is a rigorous quality assurance program, the goal of which is perfect performance from the first day of ownership.

Coupled with the terms of JVC's new product warranty, JVC Professional Products Company has created The Perfect Experience Policy (P/E Policy). The P/E Policy addresses out-of-box failures of new, current product purchased from authorized resellers. In addition to the option of warranty repair service, on the rare occasion that a new JVC Professional product does not perform to its published specifications from the first day of ownership, the P/E Policy provides retail end-users the added option of direct-from-JVC replacement for the originally delivered product. (Product or software upgrades and routine maintenance are considered normal ownership events and are ineligible under the P/E Policy.) P/E Policy terms are detailed below.

Because the P/E Policy is available ONLY for purchases from JVC Professional Products Company authorized resellers, the P/E Policy is a significant benefit of purchasing JVC Professional Products exclusively from authorized resellers.

The JVC Professional Products Company web site, is a valuable P/E Policy customer resource, providing details on current products and referral to local authorized JVC Professional Products resellers. (Products denoted as "Archived" or "Discontinued" are ineligible under the P/E Policy.)

JVC Professional Products Company
Perfect Experience Policy (P/E Policy)  

The P/E Policy terms:

  • The P/E Policy provides model-for-model replacement of JVC Professional Product failing in initial end-user use, to a maximum of 30 days from original retail sale date.
  • P/E Policy applies to new, current products sold to end-users in the United States only by authorized JVC Professional Products resellers. (A list of authorized JVC Professional Products resellers can be found at Product indicated on the JVC Professional Products Company web site as "Archived" or Discontinued" as of the date of retail end-user purchase is ineligible under JVC's P/E Policy.
  • To invoke the P/E Policy, please call JVC Professional Products Customer Service at (800) 582-5825. JVC will endeavor to determine your product's proper use and performance. If it is determined your product has malfunctioned, a return authorization will be issued and you will be asked to fax a copy of your dated bill of sale from an authorized JVC Professional Products reseller. Product returns will be accepted by JVC only with a confirmed return authorization.
  • Once authorized, JVC will arrange pickup of the malfunctioning product and delivery of the replaced product at no charge to you.
  • JVC will ship the replacement product when you provide JVC with your valid charge card number (American Express, Visa, MasterCard or Discover Card) with expiration date and billing address information as security for return of the replaced product. Your credit card will be authorized in the amount invoiced to you on the authorized reseller's bill of sale (or list price if reseller's price cannot be determined). Malfunctioning products must be returned within 10 days from the issue of the return authorization. Upon receipt of the malfunctioning product, JVC will credit the invoiced amount to your credit card account. If you cannot provide a valid charge card number, JVC will ship the replacement product once your original, malfunctioning product has been received.
  • Product returned under the P/E Policy must be in unaltered condition, in original packaging with standard supplied accessories. JVC reserves the right to assess appropriate charges for missing major accessories.
  • Product failure must not be caused by owner misuse or damage to product. Credit will not be issued for a return if the original product is damaged due to improper packaging.
  • Replacement product may be new or reconditioned, at JVC's option.
  • The warranty term for a replacement product is the remainder of the limited warranty term applicable to the original malfunctioning product.
  • Product or software upgrades and routine maintenance are considered normal ownership events and are ineligible under the P/E Policy.

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