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Compact and

A lightweight, compact design is essential for any camcorder used in the field for ENG. Combining JVC's proven camera technology with a full-featured, high-performance video recorder in a compact body, JVC's DY-90/90W D-9 camcorder offers an excellent combination of light weight (15.2 pounds/6.9 kg :DY-90/15.8 pounds/7.2 kg :DY-90W), low power consumption (only 29 watts :DY-90/ 30 watts: DY-90W), and balanced, ergonomic design. DY-90W features include fully digital 2/3" 16:9 CCDs, 4-channel audio recording, and more than two hours of shooting on a single DS-124 cassette. With 4:2:2 digital component recording, high-quality, widescreen footage can be gathered under the most demanding and varied of environmental conditions, making this camcorder ideal for virtually all field acquisition projects.

For design and performance that's big on both ergonomics and economics, there's the DY-700 1/2" digital camcorder. It makes studio-quality digital acquisition affordable for virtually all videographers.