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Traditional applications


The DY-90 weighs only 15.2 pounds (6.9 kg) fully loaded with standard lens, viewfinder, battery and tape. Ideal for field use, this rugged and reliable camcorder boasts a low power consumption of only 29 watts. Specially designed for field production and newsgathering, the DY-90 uses JVC's original 14 bit digital signal processing integrated to a 4:2:2 D-9 component digital recording to produce raw footage of the highest quality.

This superb camcorder is also available in a widescreen version - the DY-90W - which features true 16:9 CCDs to optimize performance when recording for widescreen applications. As more broadcast programming switches to 16:9, the DY-90W's combination of 16:9 capability and D-9 4:2:2 quality offers the best cost/performance solution for digital broadcasting.


A wide range of broadcast-quality studio editing D-9 VTRs are available.

JVC's lineup of D-9 editors ranges from top-of-the-line 4-channel broadcast studio VTRs (BR-D92/BR-D52) to economical editing VTRs (BR-D750/BR-D350). We will soon be adding a new high-end slow-motion VTR to the lineup, the BR-D95, featuring 4-channel PCM audio, video pre-read and compressed digital output via SDTI. Since D-9 products can be integrated into any system, whether it's digital or analog, the benefits of D-9 4:2:2 component digital picture quality can be taken advantage of across multiple equipment platforms.