124-minute recording/playback with a single 1/2"tape

Taking advantage of our experience and leadership in 1/2" tape and transport technology, JVC formulated a unique 1/2" tape that permits the recording of a vast amount of data and offers additional strength and reliability. The metal particle tape used by all D-9 products offers an unbeatable combination of high performance and reliability, supported by powerful error correction that can even replace missing data in the extremely unlikely event of a tape dropout. Even with a clogged head, D-9 may continue to play back high-quality images. Up to 124 minutes of recording is possible with a single tape and the high durability of the tape itself means that it can be reused several hundred times without noticeable performance deterioration - making D-9 an even more economical choice. In addition to a 124-minute D-9 cassette, JVC's robust line of dustproof D-9 cassettes also includes lengths of 10, 34, 64 and 104 minutes. D-9 tapes are available from both JVC and Fuji. All D-9 products from camcorders to studio decks use the same high quality digital recording system and 124 minutes tapes. The customer does not have to compromise picture quality for record time.

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