D-9 (480i) upconversion to 1080i

The broadcast and production industries are quickly marching toward 16:9 digital television. Quality 16:9 images require the higher resolution of JVC's 4:2:2 system. JVC's visionary choice of 4:2:2 digital sampling and 1/2" tape is proving to be the ideal method for moving seamlessly into ATSC broadcasting because 4:2:2 signals convert gracefully to the 4:2:0 sampling system used in ATSC's MPEG-2 compression systems.

The high-quality D-9 picture is ideal for upconversion to 1080i, making it an economical HDTV transmission solution. Thanks to D-9's data-rich 4:2:2 digital signal processing, mild compression and JVC's original motion detection algorithm, tapes recorded in standard definition D-9 achieve a richness of color and a striking clarity when upconverted to High Definition.


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