SDTI data exchange (compressed data exchange)

For seamless direct digital transfers, SMPTE 259M (SDI) and AES/EBU interfaces are optional for all studio recorders and players. This makes integration into any digital or analog system possible whether the format is tape or disk.

To ensure complete compressed data exchange with a wide range of 50-Mbps products, starting from the BR-D95 new D-9 machines will support SDTI. Because it is capable of providing lossless transfer of digital audio, timecode and compressed video between different machines over a standard SDI system, SDTI provides an excellent interface for multi-platform environments. Both standard SDI and SDTI compressed data interfaces provide a pure signal when spooling to and from servers and non-linear editors, as well as interoperability with other manufacturers' devices such as DVCPRO50. This flexibility allows you to continue using your existing equipment and lets you upgrade to digital equipment gradually, as your needs expand.

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