Rugged design with low maintenance and running cost

JVC designed D-9 for long life, ease of maintenance and low operation cost. Head life is rated at more than 3000 hours, but many JVC customers including Fox and SBT have reported that they are achieving upwards of 5000 hours. Sun TV in India reported 7000 hours - more than twice the rated performance. KFXK TV in Texas reported over 10,000 hours!

To assure ease of maintenance and high reliability, D-9 is designed around a proven tape transport mechanism with a low mass inner drum assembly that minimizes headwear. From genuine sapphire tape flanges to ceramic tape guides, each and every component is designed to provide maximum image quality and low maintenance cost. The assembly itself can easily be removed and replaced by the user in less than an hour. And with the long head life and durable design, this rugged system outperforms the demands of even the most discriminating broadcasters, keeping repairs and downtime to a minimum.

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