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D-9's versatility makes it ready for the demands of the future

A video tape format must meet the needs not only of today but also of tomorrow. JVC's revolutionary D-9 50 Mbps 4:2:2 component digital video tape recording format clearly demonstrates JVC's market knowledge and technological leadership in the broadcast and video production industries. Across the spectrum, from broadcasters to corporate videographers, customers seeking high-quality digital video equipment at a reasonable price have turned to JVC's D-9.

The broadcast industry is rounding the corner into the HDTV millennium, with the launch of DTV (Digital Television) broadcasting. On the production side, broadcasters can now choose from a total of 18 different formats. Designed to work with the most popular DTV formats (1080i, 720P, 480/60P, 480/30P, 24P), D-9's picture quality is not affected by codec system or MPEG transmission, making it the logical migration path to the HDTV future.

*This section focuses mainly on the system used in the United States where DTV has already been launched. However, we are also implementing a version for Europe and other areas and are continuing development of the system.

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